Moron Steals Someone Else’s Board Game, Tries To Kickstart It

Moron Steals Someone Else’s Board Game, Tries To Kickstart It

A company calling itself White Helm Games had, until today, been running a Kickstarter for a board game called Dungeon Hoard. That Kickstarter has now been cancelled, though, because Dungeon Hoard was someone else’s game.

Having raised $574 of its $8,134 goal, potential backers quickly noticed that Dungeon Hoard already existed. And had already been made by the actual company called White Helm Games, which most definitely wasn’t the company running the Kickstarter.

Instead, it was an imposter stealing both the game and the company name, either someone for whom English is a second language, or for whom it’s their first and they’re just not very good at it.

After the scam had been noticed, complaints rolled into both Kickstarter and the “creator” themselves, who didn’t take kindly to their accusations.

Before the scam could be killed off by Kickstarter the “creator” did the job for them, saying “i cancelled this compain because no one deserve + some of this kids who come and broke the project , for theese ppl who beleived ernest did u see his page verified? (blue badge) ?? because they lied to all of u :p”.

If you’d like to check out the actual Dungeon Hoard, it’s available on Gamecrafter.


  • This isn’t all that unusual, although I’m not aware of any of these kinds of scams that have actually managed to cash out. There’s always someone who knows enough to do some due diligence and alert Kickstarter before it gets to that.

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