Nintendo Switch Sales Up 50 Per Cent

Photo: Mike Fahey, Kotaku

The Nintendo Switch is doing quite well. According to the company’s most recent financials, sales jumped 50 per cent from July to September when compared to the same period last year.

As Bloomberg points out, Nintendo sold 4.8 million Switch consoles during that period. Out of those were 1.95 million Switch Lites. Game sales also increased 48 per cent, thanks to titles like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. During this same quarter, operating profit increased to $US615 ($894) million, which was higher than the estimates. 

Sale-wise, the Switch has already long passed the Wii U’s 13.56 million, the GameCube’s 21.74 million, and the Nintendo 64's 32.94 units sold, and is on pace to leap the SNES’s 49.10 million and the NES’s 61.91 million units sold. Games like next month’s Pokémon Sword and Shield will certainly help with that. 


    Just give me that hardware refresh and I'm in. There are so many games i want.

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