Nioh And Outlast 2 Are November's PlayStation Plus Games

If you haven’t played Nioh yet, this month’s PlayStation Plus lineup has you covered. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership.

November’s PS Plus games are:

  • Nioh

  • Outlast 2

They’ll be available November 5 through December 3.


    I was so close to buying Nioh last month but decided to go through my back log before Shadowkeep came out. This is awesome

    Ah, son of a... I misread Nioh as Nier and got too excited. Dammit.

    I mean... good for everyone who hasn't yet bought Nioh and all its DLC and have the preorder dynamic theme on their dash. Those people are in for a treat!

      I'd hope that it wasn't Nier, as I bought the YoRHa Edition from OzGameShop just a few weeks ago.

      There you go. We now have a message out there, of someone buying a game and _not_ having it appear in PS+ soon after.

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