One Million Fake Toys And Figures Seized In China

Image: The Paper

Shanghai police have seized one million fake toys after raiding a factory in the city of Dongguan. According to Chinese site The Paper, included among the fakes were Pokémon, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Gundam items.

The massive raid took place this past August and netted over 1,200 toy-making tools and equipment. China News reports that in total the goods are worth over $60 million dollars. Over twenty suspects were arrested.

Below are photos from The Paper from the raid. You can see more photos right here.

Image: The Paper

Chinese site The Paper and Sixth Tone reports that Bandai Namco was so pleased with the Shanghai police that it sent a gold-plated Unicorn Gundam as a gesture of thanks.

China News added that Bandai Namco called the Shanghai police, “pioneers in law enforcement, guardians of intellectual properties.”

The police recently appeared on Chinese television to show off the gift and discuss the raid.

A well-deserved thanks, indeed!


    So the other 999 million got through then?

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