One Well-Placed Grenade Will Bring Down A Boss In Destiny’s Latest Raid

One Well-Placed Grenade Will Bring Down A Boss In Destiny’s Latest Raid

Once upon a time, Destiny was new, and no one knew what to expect from it. In those halcyon days, the most exciting thing about it was its very first raid, Vault of Glass. It’s still considered one of the best, but there was one problem—a very silly, laughably easy exploit that meant players could make the final boss simply fall off a cliff and die.

Turns out that this five-year-old trick was worth keeping in mind when Destiny’s newest raid, the Garden of Salvation, launched this weekend, as a very similar technique was discovered for dispatching one of its bosses.

A video put together by the YouTube account Cheese Forever and shared by Eurogamer explains how it’s done. The technique is a little more involved, requiring some careful timing during a precise window, but the basics are the same: You’re sending a raid boss falling to their doom without spending a significant amount of time winnowing down their health. All you need is a well-placed smoke grenade from a Hunter.

Unfortunately, this particular boss isn’t the final encounter, and players will still have to complete the steps necessary to lower the boss’s shields Once that’s done, the game will register its defeat and trigger the end of this encounter.

Like most silly exploits like this, odds are that it’s not a trick that’s long for this world, so if you’re planning on cheesing this boss, do it soon, and maybe with a side of tortilla chips.


  • Man i remember back when i first played dark souls and sometimes you could sometimes make the Iron Golem fall off the side of the platform you fight him on.

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