Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Coming To PCs

Red Dead Redemption 2, a game about rootin’ and tootin’, finally has a PC release date. In an announcement this morning, developer Rockstar revealed that the mega-huge cowboy game will come to PCs on November 5th.

Until now, players could only experience the story of gritty outlaw Arthur Morgan on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, leaving PC players in a lurch. Red Dead Dead Redemption 2, if you didn’t know, is a prequel to 2010's Red Dead Redemption. It released last year to critical acclaim. Its focus on high-fidelity detail—including horse testicles that grow and shrink depending on the heat—caught the attention of reviewers and players alike, although reports of intense crunch to achieve these details broke before the game’s release.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will first be available through the Rockstar Games Launcher, and also available for pre-order on the Epic Games Store and Humble Store. The Steam version will be available for purchase in December. The PC port will also be a launch title for Google Stadia.

Rockstar has sometimes taken more time to release PC ports of their games. 2013's Grand Theft Auto V didn’t get a PC release for almost two years, to the dismay of some players eager for improved performance and player-created mods. Red Dead Redemption 2 comes slightly more than a year after release, and will include access to Red Dead Online. That game will receive additional bounty hunts and weapons as part of the PC release.

I expect sales of funny hats and spurs to to skyrocket in response to this news.


    The one month delay on steam tells me that Epic could not afford what Rockstar was asking for a similar exclusivity period like other games.

      I am honestly surprised about that, once i saw Epic store i thought it would be 6 months to a year before it comes out on Steam.

        Yeah given how well GTAV did on PC Rockstar would be asking in the 100 Million range for a 6 month exclusivity period.

    Well, i do humbly apologise as i genuinely thought this would never come to PC.

    That feel when so many games and no monies, i think i will wait for the Steam release in December, at least i should have Doom Eternal to tide me over until then.

      GTAV did incredibly well on PC, so it is always safe to bet that their releases on both console will eventually come out on PC after the money they made on GTAV's PC port.

        Yeah I figured it was always a matter of when rather than if.

        I was only basing it on being that RDR1 never came out on PC.

        Yes it was a hodge podge of a source code that barely ran but also the main developers Rockstar San Diego were stanch anti-pc.

        But hey... i was wrong.

      Oh someone tell this man about the Doom Eternal Delay

    Please let this mean a remaster of part 1 happens too...

      I doubt it. They would have announced it at the same time to drive people to their launcher.

      unfortunately it wont happen as the build was completely unstable. they had enough trouble just trying to make it work on the 360 and PS3. Its the reason why the game never game to PC and also why theres never going to be a remaster of the first game to come PS$ and Xbone because they are basicaly mid range PCs

        Never say never. Game engines can be completely rebuilt as part of a remake. They don't always just recompile existing code and throw new art assets in. Refer to Shadow of the Colossus for an excellent example of what's possible.

          Xbox one has back-compat with the 360 version of RDR, and plays in 4k on a One X. It even got a re-release with a new label. It's still a very pretty game and far better than the original PS3 and 360 versions, which played at 360p/480p respectively.

          Not to mention that the map literally already exists in RDR2 in its entirety already, as well as most of the character models at this point as is. Physics etc already have been taken care of. Most of it would really just consist of scripting and some asset creation? It COULD theoretically be made as DLC for RDR2 as an 'updated version', but I seriously doubt they'd consider doing that.

            Nitpicking here, but definitely not in it's "entirety"

              What's missing? I'm pretty sure the land is pretty much all there?

              @mediumeets Ahhhhh I see, apparently Mexico is missing?

                Yes! Technically you can get over to the Mexico map, but it's missing lots of textures etc.

                  There's a joke to be made about textures going missing in Mexico there somewhere I'm sure :)

    It worked in their favour this time but PC gamers need to get used to the the fact that a number of excellent titles won’t be available on PC. Either buy a console or get over it. You’re only hurting yourselves.

      This is great news! Will keep me busy until Cyberpunk

      Edit: not sure why this is a reply @arnna - sorry!

      Last edited 05/10/19 8:47 am

      TIL asking and waiting for a release on PC is wrong... apparently.

        Lots of downvotes and snarky comments when I didn’t even say anything inflammatory.
        Guess I hit a nerve judging by the torrent of negativity.

      I think it is trending to be the other way around and this is becoming a very outdated pov. Sure we have another generation coming but for these companies to keep doing what they do, they are having to evolve. They are slowly trending into service companies (saas). We have seen it happen with applications that require less bandwidth already (music & video) and we can already see it happening with game services (psnow,Stadia,etc). I have always been a pc and console player. Never an issue with exclusives and my choice of best performance platform wise. But it will turn into "Service Exclusives" not hardware dependent. Look at EGS exlcusives. Universal hardware, software exclusive.

      Why so salty about PC gamers wanting games on their platform as well.

      In what way do their actions harm you?

      All i see is you bitching and moaning over something that does not affect you.

      I didn’t moan or whinge. Just stated a fact. If you want to play certain games you have to buy a console. Bloodborne springs to mind.
      My comment wasn’t even aggressive or anti-PC.

    Deeply flawed shooting mechanics, painfully complex systems, amazing game.

    I don't mind waiting another month for Steam, good opportunity for the release day bugs to be fixed.

    I am curious as to why though.

    Oh, I can not wait for the mods!

      I'm imagining a Skyrim sized modlist to fix all of the bizarre UI inconsistencies and menu fuckery.

        That or even a mod for save states would be great! Hell, I would pay money for mission-based mods.

      Well its running on the same engine as GTAV so modding will be a lot easier this time round.

    Good game but Jesus it goes on for a long time.

    Red Dead Redemption 2, a game about rootin’ and tootin’,

    Sorry to be crass, but there's no rootin'. Not sure about tootin' either, actually.

      wrong kind of Rootin'.

      But give the modding community a chance and there'll be the kind you're thinking of.

      Rooting does not mean the same thing in America as what it does here in straya.

        Neither do other words and phrases. Blowing a thong means something totally different over there...

    I hope they crack this pretty quick!

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