Image: Vanna O'Brien

Mahgo was the winner yesterday, correctly spotting Vanna's drawing as a house from Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings. Nicely done! But let's see how you all go with today's game.

It's certainly one of the prettiest games I've played in the last ... while, let's say. And the drawing is just lovely, even though Vanna tells me it's one of her worst. What do you think?

Good luck with the game, incidentally, although I know a few of you will spot this immediately. It's a pretty well-known title.


    gunna sound kinda crazy but im thinking either far cry 3,4 or 5

    Every female chest or shoulder tattoo from the 80's!!

      That was pretty sexist, it was a popular tatt for everybody back then.

    Part of me wants to say Wingspan, even though it's not a video game.

      Wait no, it's Kolibri, which is arguably the finest hummingbird-themed shooter on the 32X.

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