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Yesterday's game was absolutely Wingspan, the adorable game about collecting birds that won the biggest Spiel des Jahres gong this year. Mitemoii and TKCH nailed the game within minutes of each other - nicely done!

Anyway, new day, new game. Let's go.

I really should write a fuller thing about Wingspan soon, but I'd like to get through more sessions first. And this game deserves a bit of a retrospective too, because it was absolutely transformative for the time.

You know what it is! Good luck!


    Unreal Tournament!

    What, no comments?
    That's the blue team's tower from CTF-Facing Worlds (or just CTF-Face, I think) from UT99.
    I can't tell you how many hours I spent on that map.

      I've never played that map and even I knew that. Kotaku has done a number of articles on that map over the years.

    Unreal Tournament 1999 - Facing Worlds Map to be precise.

    Unreal Tournament ('99)
    Blue base

    mmmmm. Great memories playing against bots on that map.

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