scribbletaku can you guess the game

People need to be reminded how good The Last Express was. Explodinpiggies knows his Tatiana, though, and was the first to guess yesterday's drawing.

Now, how will you go with today's game?

Good luck! (Obviously, I've drawn this one for today.)

The Daily HaiTaku

Well, I told you beeawwb's haiku would be tough and I was right! We're going to have to drop a wee picture to make things easier!

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    Looks like prince of persia

    Prince of Persia

      I've seen the spikes up close enough times to instantly recognise them.

        Same. I saw the spikes in a tiny thumbnail in my RSS reader and immediately had flashbacks to having my Prince impaled on them, again and again.


    Untitled Goose Game. Because we all know we want DLC.

    Jordan Mechner again with his earlier game Prince of Persia (looks like the 1989 version).

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