Image: Vanna O'Brien

Now that we're done with Melbourne International Games Week, PAX and I'm finally back from break, let's get some scribbles going again.

The last game, naturally, was Prince of Persia. Pretty straightforward case of landing on the spikes, that one. But can you guess today's game?

This one's a lot tougher than usual, so no shame if you have a bit of difficulty. Think very laterally about this. Good luck!


    This be the Fish Tales pinball machine.

      My local fish and chip shop had this machine in it, played many a game. This machine is a bastard though because the flippers are spaced a little further apart than normal machines.

        Bah I more difficult one I knew and was beaten to the punch.
        It has recently been released in pinball FX if you are after some nostalgia

      I'm going to assume you're right, and snake your win by naming the game. Pinball FX3.

    Ugh, I recognise this but cant place it.

    Leaving that much text in a pic is never a good idea, it's way too easy to Google the answer.

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