scribbletaku can you guess the gameImage: Vanna O'Brien (Kotaku)

Yesterday's game was absolutely a pinball machine, specifically Fish Tales. Good job Luke, who spotted it within 15 minutes. But how will you go with today's game?

This game's an absolute classic as well, although one of a very ... different kind. Most of you will probably know this straight away, and it's still playable today. Which should be more than enough hints to get you going.

Good luck!


    icy tower

    that li'l dude from Icy Tower, yeah?

    Icy Tower

      Of course, well done. It looked super familiar but I hadn't seen that game for well over a decade.

        I only remember it because I spent so much of my teenage years playing it at LAN's with my mates. It was one we busted out if we ever got bored with what we were playing, plus the sound effects were super funny when its 3am

    Dude! Fish Tales isn't a video game. Pinball is mechanical with electronic components. What's next, board games?

    I didn't want to have to do this, but...

    I call for a vote of no confidence in The Hunt for Red October.

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