Image: Vanna O'Brien (Kotaku)

Did you guess Luigi's Mansion? That was yesterday's game, as spotted by drifting_viper and Wisehacker.

Today's game ... I would be stunned if you didn't get this. Surely everyone will get it. Surely.

Good luck! Been thinking of picking this back up again all year, to be honest. I still miss the music...


Lapetus correctly spotted yesterday's game as Age of Wonders, the Lord of the Rings-style strategy game that dovetailed nicely with sessions of Heroes of Might and Magic. Now, how will you go with today's game?

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    I don't know if it's just the art style and the line work, but this has to be Cuphead, right?

    It's clearly a devil that MIGHT be crying, I mean, what do we know? we can't see the face.

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