Shannon Noll Is Now In An Esports Team

Shannon Noll Is Now In An Esports Team
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The Shannon Noll meme has been quiet for a little while so … why not bring it back with an esports team?

As one of the stranger — and maybe cuter? — things to kick off PAX Australia, Shannon Noll’s gone into a new stage of his career. He’s now the captain of a team called the “Motley Squad”, which sounds about right for someone who’s career is mostly punctuated with imagery of the singer plowing through fish tacos and hitting the bullseye a few times.

Noll — under the name Nollsie — will be playing in a Legion of Champions tournament hosted by Lenovo in November. It’s not sure whether his team are playing Counter-Strike or PUBG, although with stunts like this it usually doesn’t matter. I’m low key hoping it’s really PUBG and everyone has proximity voice enabled, so everyone just starts screaming “What About Me” through the mic as they close in.

A member from FaZe Clan, Hazz, will be training the team, although five bucks says he ends up just joining and carrying them for the rest of the tournament.

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  • Eeewwww gross.
    The guy is a grub judging by his lastest (repeated) behaviour towards his audiences and especially women.
    The guy doesn’t deserve any press.

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