Here’s The Second Star Wars: The Mandalorian Trailer

Need a bit more bounty hunting in your life? Then The Mandalorian is here to serve.

Launching officially through Disney+ on November 12, the second trailer this afternoon showcased a lot more of the environments and battles that the Mandalorian will find themselves in. There’s a small snippet of Pedro Pascal’s voice at the very end, but for the most part Nick Nolte provides the narration.

The first episode of The Mandalorian launches on November 12, with the second dropping on November 15 and every following episode released weekly. Taika Waititi is directing the series finale, too.

I’ve always wanted Disney to flesh out more of the world around Star Wars, and TV series are a good way of doing that. In a couple of weeks, we’ll see whether The Mandalorian holds up.


  • Dangit!! So in order to watch it ‘legitimately” I have to buy into Disney’s streaming service. HRMMM

    • Yes, it would be terrible if Disney could not add a few more coins to their $130 billion media-industrial complex.

      • It’s a TV series, so even if it was through Netflix or something you’d be giving Disney money one way or another.

          • It’s only a 7-day free trial, sadly, so you’d only get to watch two episodes over that time (unless you dodge spoilers for about two months until all the episodes are out).

    • At least it’s really reasonably priced.
      Especially if you buy a 12month subscription.
      And I mean let’s be honest we all know the mouse own’s our souls already.

      • I guess my problem is, even if it is reasonably priced I have a few streaming subscriptions and it is starting to add up, adding another for what ever it is worth might be the straw to break the camels back. That being said might be worthwhile to drop some other service I have.

        • Yeah I hear you.
          I’m the same.
          If it was any more expensive it would be hard for me to justify but I may just plonk down for a 12month sub.
          For me between this, Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Animelab and Spotify it add’s up.
          Plus the Xbox subscription stuff.

          • Yep I’m in the same boat, but lately I haven’t been playing my PS4 (been playing PC) so might drop the PSplus and give this one a crack. Should be good for the young one anyway.

          • Yeah I may look at dropping Animelab for a bit.
            Not being able to D/L to watch offline makes it difficult for me.
            And Last Airbender has come on the other subs so that would fill me up for anime.

  • Having the main character helmet-on most of the time will be a tough job for the makers to prevent it often looking silly when he’s just in normal situations.

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