Subway Surfers Airtime Launches On Snapchat

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Mobile game Subway Surfers Airtime is being released around the world today but it's exclusive to Snapchat users.

The side-scrolling racer will be available through the app allowing you to play against friends and foes or whoever else is still using Snapchat. Up to ten players can play in a single game as they surf, slide, grind and glide across the cities and subways. Like most (if not all) racing games, the aim is to beat all your competitors to the finish.

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There are 14 Subway Surfer characters to choose from, which can be unlocked by collecting coins via big air jumps, perfect landings, rail grinds and finishing in top positions. The app marks one of the first exclusive titles commissioned by Snap Inc., Snapchat's parent company, for its gaming platform.

The original Subway Surfers was released in May 2012 and slowly picked up fans along the way. In 2017, it was the most downloaded mobile game in the world and has received more than 2.5 billion downloads to date.

The game is rolling out to Snapchat users worldwide now.

App Review: Subway Surfers Should Be Super Dorky, But I Kinda Like It

Yeah, it's a "runner" game. You control a character that's perpetually moving forward, and all you have to do is move them left to right and sometimes roll or jump as well. And yeah, it's a "freemium" game, something I will likely never really embrace.

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