That League Of Legends Fighting Game Is Coming (Eventually)

That League Of Legends Fighting Game Is Coming (Eventually)

After officially confirming its existence at EVO this year, Riot Games has offered the first concrete details — and look — at the upcoming League fighting game. It’s called Project L so far, but it’s not the only offshoot of League in development.

Riot Games showed off a screenshot of Project L during the League of Legends anniversary stream, and during a briefing at PAX Australia. The project is the game being developed by Tom and Tony Cannon, who joined Riot Games after their studio Radiant Entertainment was acquired by Riot in 2016.

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Riot didn’t show off any gameplay or hints about how the League champions were adapted to the fighting genre, but the League anniversary stream showed some parallels with Rising Thunder‘s one-button specials and super system.

It’s not the only game in early development, though. Beyond the new FPS that Riot is making is something called Project F, which Riot described as follows:

Project F is a temporary codename for a very early development project that explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends.

There was no information given about Project F during the embargoed briefing, so it’s possible that the game is still very early in the pre-production phase. Some brief snippets of the game were shown during the League of Legends anniversary stream, but nothing outlining the genre or general structure.

But it’s nice that Riot are at least keeping everyone clued into what’s happening, even if the project doesn’t pan out in the end.

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