The PlayStation 5 Will Launch In Late 2020, And, Yes, It’s Called The PS5

The PlayStation 5 Will Launch In Late 2020, And, Yes, It’s Called The PS5
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Sony isn’t waiting for any more leaks. They revealed more details about the PlayStation 5—and, yes, it will be called the PS5—to Wired today as well as announcing more about the console on the company’s blog. Here’s the key info:

  • It’ll be called the PS5 and be out for holiday 2020, as we’ve been reporting.

  • The console will have a solid-state drive. Games will be released on 100GB discs.

  • As with games this generation, they’ll need to be installed from the disc, though Sony is now saying that players will have more granular control of which parts of a game they install or uninstall—campaign, multiplayer, etc.

  • The PS5’s revised user interface will show more information about what can be done in a game, including the availability of multiplayer matches.

  • Wired’s writer held a prototype of the new PS5 controller and wrote that it seems similar to a PS4 controller. It will include a speaker and—here comes some of that kind of language you’ll be seeing a reporters and game makers start talking about next-gen hardware—“‘adaptive triggers’” that can offer varying levels of resistance to make shooting a bow and arrow feel like the real thing.”

  • Wired was also impressed with the improved haptics/rumble in the controller, reporting this of their time playing the PS4 VR game Astrobot Rescue Mission with it: “On ice, a high-frequency response made the thumbsticks really feel like my character was gliding. Jumping into a pool, I got a sense of the resistance of the water; on a wooden bridge, a bouncy sensation.”

  • For those of you who stocked up on micro USB wires for charging PS4 controllers, too bad! The PS5 controllers will be charged with USB Type-C.

  • One studio that is now confirmed as a PS5 developer is Bluepoint Games, makers of the 2018 Shadow of the Colossus remake. Said studio president Marco Thrush to Wired: ““We’re working on a big one right now…I’ll let you figure out the rest.” Uh. Hmm. Clearly a tease that Sony has bought the rights to F-Zero and is making a new one. Thrush was enthusiastic about the speedier loading that comes with an SSD, noting that there’d be less reason to slow players down in hallways and doorways to mask the loading of new levels.

  • Sony’s announcements today primarily focus on the new controller, which is the primary focus of Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan’s blog post today. “Game creators have started to receive early versions of the new controller,” he wrote, “and we can’t wait to see where their imagination goes with these new features at their disposal.” With controllers going out, the news today seems designed to get ahead of any leaks of the device.

We’ll have plenty more about the PS5 and more new hardware and games as it breaks. Next year’s going to be a big one, folks.


    • Not for 100Gb sizes, I wouldn’t think. Optical is cheap and the 4K format is already established so it can double up as a 4K player, too, so there’s a free bullet point for the marketing materials.

    • It’s supposedly going to be backwards compatible with the PS4 though – that’s a major plus. Sure, Flash is less prone to wearing out, but it’s a lot more expensive to produce, especially if you’re using custom cartridges like Nintendo, so there’s issues with both. Digital is the only logical next step, but inconvenient for many right now.

    • Insane? Nah, flash would cost a fortune, that was the whole issue back in the N64 days, not only was space limited (which isn’t a factor these days) but the carts were expensive to produce.

      I believe Sony have said the PS5 will be PS4 backwards compatible, meaning there will be a requirement for an optical drive, and also it’ll double as a 4K blu-ray player.

      I’m pretty sure the entire contents of the disc is copied to the hard drive anyway, so waiting for a one off installation isn’t really an issue…it’s the bloody day 1 patches!

        • Sure, but so are optical discs. 100 GB is approximately 150 CD-ROMs worth of data, but likely costs a similar amount to manufacture: probably a few dollars at most.

          A cheap 128 GB microSD cards retail for around $40. They’d be cheaper wholesale, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is still an order of magnitude more expensive than the Bluray disc.

    • I really don’t know why it’s newsworthy to say “Yes it’s going to be called the PS5”. Every Sony console since the original PlayStation has been sequentially numbered (unless you count the PS4 Pro I guess) so Sony really has no reason to change that naming convention. Microsoft on the other hand really shot themselves in the foot this generation.

          • Reading up on it, the ps1 was developed as psx and released as PlayStation. They then release a PSOne and PS2. Then they released a model called PSX which was a DVR. Still not as bad as Xbox names.

      • It’ll just be the XBox Infinite, it keeps with the “full circle” shtick and matches with the new Halo. If Microsoft had sequentially numbered their consoles, it would always sound like Sony was one ahead of them, especially to non-gamer gift buyers.

        • That’s Microsoft’s reasoning but I’m not really buying that excuse. People aren’t stupid. Even so, there was about a billion other better names they could have used besides “Xbox One” (hell even calling it the “720” would have been better than “one”). I get what they were going for (as it was meant to be the “one” media device etc) but it just lead to a lot of confusion.

    • Wouldn’t it need a touchpad for those few games that require it? Back when I used to play my PS4 I remember more used it as an extra button than a touchpad tho.

      I did like it for typing.

  • So glad the next gen will have SSDs although at 100gb a game it’s going to have to be 2tb plus.

    Glad there’s disks as well, not sure about Sony but the Xbox digital store is an absolute rip off.

  • Going to be watching this one, I have a Xbox One X right now but interested to see what Sony comes up with. Microsoft’s Game Pass is pretty good though…

    • I’m working on the (unfounded) assumption that Sony will let us have PSNow when the PS5 launches, if not before. Makes no sense to not bring it here, even if it only offers the downloads and not the streaming.

      Of course it makes no sense that we don’t already have it, so who knows…

      • Was thinking about this, I’m guessing they’ll wait until xCloud launches before expanding, but given they allow you to download games on PS Noe anyway I don’t know why they haven’t just bit the bullet.

        I really want to make a good pick next gen because I’m playing on PC less and less, but it’s not easy so far…

    • I am honestly surprised that the PS4 hasn’t got cheaper than it is by this late in its lifespan. I assume sales have stayed strong enough that they haven’t felt the need to cut the price? But I seem to recall (and I’m old so my memory may be a bit hazy) the PS2 being much cheaper than PS4 at this point of its life.

      I wonder if that’s because PS2 chased (and caught) a large casual audience late in its life, while these days they’ve probably conceded that market to phone / tablet gaming, so there’s no point cutting the price so far to try and capture that segment of the market.

      • Its less than half price these days (not counting the Pro)
        The PS2 was also the last console to use technology that was already on the way out too so manufacturing at that stage was insanely cheap, much like the PS1 at the end of its life.

  • Pretty pleased they are not radically redesigning the dual shock 4 (nee 5!).
    Would love to hear if current 3rd party “pro” controllers will be supported.

  • please make the ps5 controller bigger. Every ps controller so far has destroyed my large hands. I cant even play the ps4 anymore

  • What’s the word on backwards compatibility though? I’m dreading the announcement that the 100 or so games I own on Ps4, digitally (especially) and physically, cannot be played on the PS5. I’m hoping that here is where we see the move to x86 architecture really starts paying off.

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