This Is The Saddest Looking Nintendo 64

Image: Luke Rion

What happens to the game consoles that we abandon? Did your Dreamcast end up as landfill at the local tip? A new gallery exhibit by Luke Rion is looking to answer just that.

The Outré Gallery in Fitzroy, Victoria is hosting an exhibit of Rion's retro-inspired works, which feature video games in various states of disrepair and abandonment. Titled Lost Relics, the exhibit pays homage to those halcyon days of cartridge slots and power buttons.

Image: Luke Rion

The gaming world is filled with defunct machines that many of us don't think about anymore, unless you're a beloved retro gamer. In 2019, who's still playing with their Game Gear? And when was the last time you pulled your GameCube out of storage? The gallery exhibit speaks to that abandonment, and all the game consoles we've long since left behind.

Image: Luke Rion
Image: Luke Rion

I quite enjoy the impressionist style of these artworks, and the strangeness of seeing video games depicted in such a classic style. If you want to check out more of Rion's work, head to his website, or if you're in Melbourne, you can head along to the exhibit from Friday.

The Outré Gallery is located at 319 Smith St, Fitzroy in Victoria, and the exhibit will run from November 1 until November 10. For more information, check out the exhibit hub.


    And when was the last time you pulled your GameCube out of storage?

    Earlier this year. The kids got a huge kick out of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

    Okay, let's see now:
    - Still have my PS1 SCPH-1002, but it needs a new laser unit
    - I threw out my fat PS2 years back after the laser unit failed
    - My parents sold my Atari XE, games and accessories (I hate thinking about it)
    - Sold my OG Gameboy for a song

    No idea what happened to my original Xbox :(, I would have kept it given the opportunity. Still have my Halo controller though.

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