This Link’s Awakening Switch Dock Is Fit For A Hero

There’s been some nice mods to the Switch over the years, but not as many interesting mods for the actual Switch dock. This Link’s Awakening creation changes that.

The handmade creation is a 3D printed recreation of Koholint Island, where Link’s Awakening takes place, that functions not only as a full-sized TV dock but has a space on the front for any Link or Zelda amiibo.

The whole unit, which is available on Etsy from Senpai3D for just over $161 exc. shipping, ships with an extender cable to connect the original Switch dock to the Zelda island. It’ll charge your Switch Lite as well (although it won’t output to the TV, obviously) and if you want a version of the island just as a prop, the creator is happy to ship an amended version out.

The downside is that if you want to use the island as an actual dock, you’ll still need the real dock plugged in. But having an extender means you can hide away the dock behind a TV or somewhere, and your Link’s Awakening island can be given pride of place instead. It’s certainly a hell of a lot prettier, and the kind of mod I wish we saw a lot more of.

Come to think about it, why hasn’t Nintendo started doing more fancier Switch docks like this? They’d make an absolute fortune if they did, surely. If you’re happy with a fan-made 3D printed version, however, head over to the Etsy store for more details.


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