This Monster Hunter World/Resident Evil 2 Crossover Looks Bananas

Resident Evil and Monster Hunter are both much-beloved Capcom series, and so some sort of crossover should probably have been expected. But... like this?

Oookay this could probably do with some unpacking. It looks like the update will introduce not only Leon and Claire as hunters but also give players the option to hunt as a zombie - complete with appropriately shambling animation.

Then they all do a bit of dancing, which is about as Monster Hunter as you get.

The most WTF element here, however, is the incorporation of Mr. X – the nigh-unstoppable killer who hunts you down in Resi 2 - as your new hunter handler. This character gives you quests, appears in the base camp of missions and, while you're eating, stands at the side applauding and cooing. It's a bit odd to see a Tyrant doing it but hey, guess those guys at Umbrella really do know what they're doing.

The update will land on all platforms in November.

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    I love how batshit crazy this game is sometimes. There’s a new wiggler head costume for your Palico coming at the same time.

    I love Capcom. They almost always do fun stuff for updates/DLC and usually don’t charge for it.

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