Tokyo Flights Are On The Cheap Again

Tokyo Flights Are On The Cheap Again
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Tokyo is geek heaven and if it’s not something you’ve yet experienced, now’s an excellent time as Qantas and Nippon Airways are having a dirt cheap sale on flights.

Return flights to Toyko from Australia’s capitals often average around the $1000 mark but deals through I Want That Flight and I Know The Pilot are offering them for under $700 with full-service carriers (AKA not budget airlines).

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All the flights range between late April 2020 and July 2020 with I Know The Pilot offering return flights from Sydney to Tokyo from $596 while I Want That Flight has them from $632. Similarly, Melbourne flights start from $644 and Brisbane from $657.

Not sure what you’d do in Tokyo? Think, heading to Odaiba for a day of arcades, a replica Venice shopping mall, a mini Statue of Liberty and a full-sized Unicorn Gundam statue. Or spend the day in a Hello Kitty or robot café, enjoy the wacky fashion of Harajuku or appeal to your passion for Hayao Miyazaki by checking out the Ghibli Museum.

Just make sure you book long enough because I’ve spent 10 days in just Tokyo and it was still not enough time to see everything that beautiful city has to offer.

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