Transformers Producer Drops Lawsuit Against Gary Gygax’s Widow Gail

Transformers Producer Drops Lawsuit Against Gary Gygax’s Widow Gail

Hollywood producer Tom DeSanto has dismissed his $US30 million ($44 million) lawsuit against Gail Gygax, the widow of Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, Kotaku has learned.

DeSanto, who produced X-Men and Transformers, had been in talks with Gail Gygax for eight years about how to capitalise on the intellectual property that she inherited from her late husband, including his name and likeness. In 2016, they signed a deal which, as DeSanto claims in his lawsuit, gave him “the exclusive right to develop and exploit the Gygax IP in all media, including film, TV, video games, merchandising and licensing, either by himself or through third parties.”

In 2018, DeSanto sued Gail Gygax for breach of contract. According to the suit, he claimed that she violated their agreement by moving to produce a video game with the company Fig based on the first dungeon that Gary Gygax had designed, Castle Greyhawk. He also claimed that she didn’t have the rights to Gary Gygax’s IP at all. For her part, Gail says she never meant to give DeSanto rights to Gary’s whole library.

“Unfortunately, my lawyers and I discovered troubling facts about the Estate which prevented me from executing my plans for the Estate,” said DeSanto in a comment to Kotaku. “The dismissal was without prejudice and the interest in the Estate I negotiated for is still on the record. I remain and will always be a great admirer of Gary Gyxax and mindful of his legacy as an icon in the gaming world.” Gail Gygax did not immediately respond to Kotaku’s request for comment.

Kotaku profiled Gail Gygax earlier this year. DeSanto’s lawsuit is the fifth she has battled since her husband passed. 


  • I swear, no D&D campaign or any of the lore comes close to matching the drama surrounding the legacy of Gary Gygax.

  • “Troubling facts about the estate.” What the hell does that even mean?

    “I didn’t get what I wanted but I thought I’d stir the pot on the way out the door,” is what it feels like to me.

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