Ubisoft Admits Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Been A Disaster

Ubisoft Admits Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Been A Disaster

During an earnings call Thursday, Ubisoft gave investors a brutally frank appraisal of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, its latest release and vowed to implement “significant changes to our production processes” to fix the game.

In a prepared statement you can read online, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot laid out the reasons the publisher believes the open-world special ops shooter didn’t sell as well as expected. The new game, released just two and a half years after Ghost Recon Wildlands, moves the series’ action to a fictional island and introduced survival elements and a loot grind that struck many critics, including our own, as an unnecessary lightweight imitation of systems in other games, including Ubisoft’s own Division series.

Guillemot noted that changes Breakpoint made to the Ghost Recon formula have “been strongly rejected by a significant portion of the community.” Guillemot also noted the game’s negative critical reception. Compounding that, somewhat paradoxically, is that he said Breakpoint wasn’t different enough to really stand out.

Guillemot cites Breakpoint’s underperformance (and The Division 2‘s less severe, but still disappointing, performance) as a primary reason for the company’s just-announced delays of some of its most high-profile upcoming games.

In response to investor concern over live-service game fatigue and monetisation, Ubisoft asserted that it is not interested in pay-to-win microtransactions, and instead will continue to focus on in-game events. (As recently as Breakpoint, however, Ubisoft has dabbled with microtransactions that do in fact have gameplay impact.)

All told, it looks like we can expect some changes to come to Ubisoft’s stable of live games, eventually—the stated goals here being more time between new installments, with bigger, more dramatic differences between them. Next year and early 2021 will show just what Ubisoft can do to improve Breakpoint as post-release development continues on it alongside the release of five planned big-budget games by April 1, 2021: the just delayed Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters and Rainbow Six Quarantine, along with two unannounced games, one of which is presumably the next Assassin’s Creed.


  • TBH, I’ve been wanting to try out the game, but I’ve got way too many others to play right now. I’m waiting for it to go on sale.

  • When I saw breakpoints trailer I thought it was an add-on to wildlands. To me the gameplay loop in Ubisoft games have become boring, or because of poor narrative, character interaction and style the loop is more prominent. There are exceptions such as watchdogs 2, AC origins, but these suffer from filler content with no substance. Farcry is mindless fun but without a strong protagonist just mindless.

    I’m looking for quality over quantity, you don’t have to reinvent the pizza just make sure the toppings are proportional and the combo of those toppings create a distinct flavour to your other pizzas.

    • Yep, Ubi are the worst offenders of the boring ass open world gameplay loop. I’d like to see Ubi not scared of making single player games that rely on mindless filler.

      Also, one has to wonder if Division 2’s, and to a lesser extent, Ghost Recon Wildlands disappointing performance is linked in anyway to dissing releasing on the Steam store?

      • ditching steam actually did have a positive for Ubisoft as people instead brought the games directly through Uplay which is something ive been doing since far cry 4 because i had having to launch steam, then have steam launch uplay just to finally launch the game. it was announce back after the the division 2 launch that Ubi had a massive increase in people buy throught their store, however they never said anything about sales recieved through Epics store

        • Did that massive increase in their first party store offset the loss of sales though? With EA rumoured to be moving titles back into Steam, I’m not sure it did. Anyway.

        • I love Uplay, actually. Particularly being able to give myself a genuine discount on their games using their challenge points things. I got like a $30 discount on the FC5 special edition with the skull.

          • the onylthing i like about Uplay is their challenge point system. the fact that acheesements actully give you something is a reason to do them. Steam Acheesements and Xbox and Playstation trophies are just pointless when they give nothing in return.

            its like how back in the day, completing a game on the hardest difficulty would unlock a cheat or item, now all you get is shitty little icon pop up for two seconds before disappering

      • Playing Borderlands 3 I could see all the worst parts of Ubi open world challenges being implemented badly. The cross contamination was a huge surprise.

        • I was playing Borderlands 3 and enjoying it significantly with some mates, then they dropped out and I got really, really bored.

          Same thing happened the next night. And the next. Every time they’d log off I’d get bored.

          I can’t remember who said it, mighta been Angry Joe? Jim Sterling? Someone said it a while back. If you’re only having fun in multiplayer with your mates, it’s not that the games good multiplayer, it’s the game is shit, but your mates are fun.

          That’s when I stopped playing BL3 🙁

    • Speaking of pizza toppings, ham, pineapple, scrambled egg, sliced banana topped with cheese on a tomato paste base.

      • This, but ditch the egg. Make sure the banana goes on top of the cheese and then put some nice slices of bacon rasher on the banana bits. Once it’s cooked you get these bites of caramelised banana and crispy, salty bacon.

        Legit, best pizza.

  • in all honesty, if you like Wildlands, you will probably like Breakpoint.
    its a bit off putting to begin with some of the crappy changes but i have been playing it as a single player game and its great fun. i am also looking forward to seeing how they address some of the changes. their games are definitely starting to look very similar to each other though.

    • Yeah. I’m in this camp. I’ve actually been enjoying a fair bit about Breakpoint. There’s obviously things I miss, like the AI companions and their banter/synch shots, and drones seemed to be a lazy way of upping the difficulty so that you simply can’t perfect-stealth everything and are forced to get into more messy firefights. The looting is pointless busywork, a meaningless housekeeping chore that I put off until every couple days, and the storytelling method has taken a really long time to make peace with. I spend too long looking at loading screens and interstitial animations masking loading screens when using the bivouac to get a vehicle (MY KINGDOM FOR FAST-TRAVELLING TO AUTOMATICALLY SPAWN A DEFAULT VEHICLE) and it wears me down every time to the point that sometimes I don’t even bother. I want to be navigating terrain, not menus.

      But I can still approach camps, recon, mark targets, and snipe/sneak my way through to unlock a goodie-bag and earn points, so… that’s nice. That’s all I really want, at the core. I like that loop. It’s satisfying.

      • (Oh, fuck the always-online bullshit, though. That’s fucked. It’s pure anti-consumer fuckery that didn’t need to happen. Wildlands didn’t have it, and Brekapoint brought NOTHING to the table to justify it. It’s publishing douchebag behaviour, and fuck Ubisoft for doing it.)

    • Same. Sounds to me like they shoved all that garbage into all those other games, now they’re panicking, realising those games would tank *hard* if they released them as is.

  • To me it ALMOST felt like they hit a good thing with Odyssey? There were STILL too many things to buy in the store, in terms of time savers etc. If they got rid of the time savers, cut down on the cosmetics and actually allowed you to legitimately earn them in game (sure TECHNICALLY you can earn one or two of them, but I’m yet to even hear of anyone who’s earned all of them legit in game in an actual realistic time). However, HOWEVER, their delivery of missions and expansive content in that regard for Odyssey has been *fantastic*. The extra missions and story content has been exemplary, it’s the other stuff tainting it. That said, the game is still excellent. If they could find that balance, remove time savers completely, restore balance there, remove *most* of the cosmetic stuff and give you a legit chance to actually earn that in game (thus restoring you to the idea of ‘I’m too lazy to earn it so I’ll buy it’ status) and kept with the missions? I think most people would be ok with that, as they’d be getting *real* content, not bullshit content.

  • Hey well at least Ubisoft were pretty quick to realise that they made some big mistakes & are working on changing it (imo the biggest problem with Breakpoint & Wildlands is that it’s far too similar to Ubisoft’s other property The Division). Unlike Bethesda and their continued mishandling of Fallout 76.

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