The Best Way To Play Untitled Goose Game Is To Become The Goose

The Best Way To Play Untitled Goose Game Is To Become The Goose
GIF: Twitch (Rudeism)

We’ve all enjoyed pretending to be an arsehole goose while fucking up a quaint British village. But what if you were dressed as an actual goose — and all the controls were mapped to your body?

Rudeism makes a career out of making funny, dumb controllers for video games. Naturally, Untitled Goose Game needed something special. So he rigged up a cape, some flippers and a fake beak to all of the necessary inputs for Untitled Goose Game.

Goose Game is crazy enough as is, but seeing someone play the game while wearing a fake beak and having to physically flap their arms to flap in-game is something special:

The Kiwi streamer, who became famous for his oddities like playing Overwatch with a baguette, added that he probably wouldn’t finish Goose Game with the setup. He carried on with Goose for about an hour, completing all but one of the objectives in the first garden, until the wiring in one of the controllers came loose and stopped working.

But there was still enough time for people to watch Rudeism half crouched on the ground, waddling forward as he snuck caroots, radios and other objects from the garden into his picnic. It was also funny watching him try to combat the gardener, since the beak was attached to Rudeism’s mouth and would trigger a honk every time he spoke (attracting the gardener’s attention).

Rudeism’s planning to stream more Goose later tonight, although I’d be impressed if he could get through the whole game without serious discomfort (or the controllers breaking). But hey, you’ve still gotta love the fact that someone dressed up like a goose to control a game about an arsehole goose.

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