What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’ll be spending a lot of time around games this weekend, but not quite in the usual sense.

Next week is PAX week, but also the week for the Aussie equivalent of GDC, Game Connect Asia Pacific. For the first time I’ll be down in Melbourne covering that as well, and as a result I’ll be leaving Sydney a little early.

But rather than fly down, I’ll be taking the train. A group of Australians are replicating the Train Jam from the United States, aiming to have a game finished in the time it takes to train down from Brisbane to Melbourne. I’ll be joining the trip halfway through, and it’ll be a fun opportunity to chat to developers on the way, see how the XPT train handles everyone’s oversized Apple chargers, and just have a chance to talk to people about their experiences.

It’ll be fun! Beyond that, I’ll probably have a last shot at [insert embargoed game here because I’m not allowed to talk about it] and, if it ever bloody loads, Destiny 2.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Need to find my next focus game.
    Might either get back into MGS, deus ex or Alien isolation or start something new.

    Maybe another round of Northgard or try to finish off that campaign.

    • I just finished Alien Isolation this week after I got scared in Chapter 4 and put it down for a bit – in 2016. I’m so glad I went back to it though, as much as I hate survival horror the game is a must for any Alien fan. It’s been made with so much love and attention to detail.

  • Booting up Control for the first time, big Fan of Remedy so pretty excites. Hopefully the PS Pro does not implode.

  • Be afraid Alex Walker be very afraid because later tonight things are about to go bump in the night as Activision and Beenox are getting ready to give you the fright of your life.
    It’s dial C for Crash Bandicoot in the spook-tastic Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Halloween Grand Prix the Halloween ghost train is rolling into the station dude I hope you got your fucking ticket ready for tonight’s Halloween Grand Prix.
    Following that next month is the Neon Circus Grand Prix and and the Winter Festival Christmas Grand Prix as we head towards the end of 2019.
    I hope you’re ready Alex Walker because tonight’s Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Halloween Grand Prix is going to give you an absolute shock of your life.

  • I might continue on with Zelda: Links Awakening.

    Gamer confession, this is the furthest i have ever gotten in any Zelda game, never had a nintendo system growing up so i don’t have that nostalgia for the series.

    • Oh man what a game to do that with, I finished it last weekend. The original Link’s Awakening was the first Zelda game I ever played and is hands down my second favourite of the whole series. I love everything about this game. Have fun!

  • Likely Code Vein with some return to Sekiro for a third finish (this time with mods, mainly skins).

    And then the worst raid boss: the overgrown front yard.

  • Shadowkeep. I have a whole weekend planned for not getting any loot. If the most part so many of the changes are great only Bungie forgot to include on slightly important things in a Looter Shooter… yep the loot pool And rewards are almost as desolate as the moon itself.

  • I’m not scaring you Alex Walker I’m just saying with Halloween on the way tonight’s Crash Team Racing is absolutely going to turn bump in the night as we get prepared for Halloween.

  • No Alex Walker Halloween is at the end of this month and although my parents won’t be celebrating Halloween this year I will definitely be celebrating Halloween when I play the Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Halloween Grand Prix this weekend because I hope you’re ready Alex you’re about to get spooked by some new racers from the Crash Bandicoot series who are about to give you spine tingling chills.
    I will repeat it again Alex Halloween is not this weekend Halloween is at the end of this month.
    Until then Happy Halloween Alex Walker.

  • Yes Sir Doctor B I have evolved and as you said Halloween is at the end of this month and with the Crash Team Racing Halloween Grand Prix starting I hope things don’t go bump in the night for you because if it did I would be sending you chills up your spine that will make you want to scream in horror knowing that my room would be turned into a haunted house.

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