What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So checks notes, I’m allowed to say I’m playing Death Stranding. I can’t really say anything about it, but I can at least say I’m playing it.

It’s certainly a nice way to spend part of a weekend, at least. I’ll be spending most of it with a close friend of my partner’s, whose staying with us over the weekend. It’ll also be the last weekend I’ll spend with friends before flying out to Blizzcon later in the week, which should be all sorts of interesting.

Beyond that, I’ve been slowly working my way through Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade. It’s definitely not one of the better games on the service, and a lot of the design just screams like something that was retrofitted to not have in-app purchases. It genuinely feels a like a standard free-to-play mobile racer. But there’s something about it which makes it work for super short sessions.

We Can Finally Explain What You Actually Do In Death Stranding

He’s finally done it. After years of talking about Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima finally showed off a full mission’s worth of gameplay during a live stage presentation at Tokyo Game Show this week. It’s as offbeat, meticulously detailed, and intriguing as you’d expect from Kojima, if not more so.

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PC codes for Modern Warfare should be going out today, so I’m looking forward to giving the campaign a whirl and knocking out some multiplayer. And there’s another game that I’m super fascinated to spend more time with, but that might not come together by the weekend — and I might not be able to say much, so it’ll have to stay vague for now. Hopefully you’ll hear more about that soon.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I’m kinda addicted to Mindustry at the moment, so that. Its a factory production/tower defence game like Factorio where you mine resources, conveyor them to your stockpile and then use the resources to build more mining stuff and defences so you can survive waves of alien ships attacking.

    • Oooh, unexpected recommendation! That ticks quite a few boxes for me. Although Factorio had me collapsing into a puddle of self-loathing over my sub-otpimal, inefficient designs.

    • I binged that so hard on my phone I was more than happy to send some extra to the dev on Itch (especially once confirming Steam keys would go to Itch supporters as well) – you playing the portable or PC version?

      • PC (Mac) I started playing via itch but was having so much fun I picked it up on Steam for the workshop stuff. Today’s update says its added Modding support so that will be great too!

        • Oh Steam is definitely the way to go for desktop with the improved support, but you should totally check out the mobile version too if you haven’t! – the primary design was very much for small touch devices (i.e. the free Android iterations) so it’s a deceptively intuitive UI if you want your factory builders on the go :p

          protip: this game is *exactly* why you should not have your phone near your bed at night… or should I say morning

  • Borderlands 3 has kind of ran out of steam for me, started a 2nd character and now on lvl 20 but with the haloween special thing i have to jump on my 50 rather than building up the lower character.

    Ended up not playing anything at all last night.

    Might start Deus Ex HR or find some older games in my collection to give some attention to.

    • I really wished BL3 allowed you to change character but retain your level – or at least allowed you to pick a new one when entering New Game+.

      That aside, yes, I will also be playing the Haloween Event

  • I’ll be playing Fortnite Chapter 2, Destiny 2, and I’ll probably go shrine hunting in Breath of the Wild, that’ll only be on Saturday night though but should be some fun

  • @Alex Walker why tease us plebs with your ability to play the most anticipated game in my last 2 years. Hope you enjoy it

  • Borderlands 3 – Spooky Event
    Mafia 3 (pinnacle of the era of open world-repetitive-games)
    The Outer Worlds – much like Luke, picked up Games Pass for $1 for this (and a few other titles)
    Breath of the Wild

  • i logged into PC Games Pass, to see if Outer Worlds was there… ended up playing an hour of Cities Skylines and loving it (even if it’s a basic copy of some other game I won’t mention). Will this delay Outer Worlds? Maybe.

  • Thanks to social commitments I seriously doubt I’m going to be able to play anything beyond some daily chores in Breakpoint.
    Even after signing up for the $1 access to Outer Worlds (which I would absolutely not have done if it was paying the box price).

    I feel like this is giving me a time-limit in which to finish that, so as not to hand over any more money, and the time I devote to that is going to keep me away from where my heart is pulling: Disco Elysium. God, I just want to spend a solid, work-free week or two just drowning in that game.

  • I knew it @alexwalker , your silence spoke volumes!!

    You lucky sod, I’ll prob be a little weary of reviews before now and release though, I want to go in to the game with as much of the mystery retained as possible.

  • Playing catch-up in FFXIV I think. I’ve finished the main part of Stormblood so I’ve unlocked the flood of patch content, including the true story… Hildebrand! Once I’m done with that pushing onto Shadowbringers with the Nier raid coming up this week.

  • Picked up Game Pass, so I might finally finish off Gears 4 so I can play Gears 5 (when I figure out how to make it install it to a secondary drive) and start on Outer Worlds. Also Destiny 2, working on some of the Garden of Salvation triumphs.

  • Will probably play lots of Outer Worlds. Also, will most likely play some Diablo 3 and listen to some podcasts, which is apparently now my new favourite thing to do.

  • More Noita no doubt – I can fit some runs in between social stuff, plus yesterday’s update added a few more spells and pushed experimental mod support onto the main (non-beta) branch

    • Yeah, I enjoyed that one! Bit more grinding to it than I would’ve preferred, but at least you can grind to get past nastier challenges.

      • the grind seems ok so far, just finished the 13 maps on normal. now just got to do it on hard and whatever the tiers are

        at least there’s a sense of accomplishment having barely scrape by then coming back and demolishing the level after getting a few levels into the character.

        the crafting system though seems pointless, at least I haven’t gotten any recipes worth crafting

  • Am hanging to get home and get into the outer worlds, I actually started it before bed about 9pm, created my character and did the tutorial….seems pretty cool so far

  • I readdicted myself to The Division 2 after the recent patches so I have been playing that quite a bit lately
    also Fallout 4
    and Fallout New Vegas Tale of the two Wastelands

  • A little bit of Yakuza Kiwami; a dash Age of Mythology, a splash of X-Morph rounded off with some RAD and Wonder Boy in one form or another…

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