You Can Find A Hidden Cat That Shoots Lasers In Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Gif: The Easter Egg Hunter, YouTube

Some Easter eggs and secrets aren’t actually that hard to find. Sometimes they are even connected to achievements or trophies in-game, making them very easy to locate. But some secrets are much harder to find and honestly make me wonder how anyone ever finds these things.

The Easter Egg Hunter and Oddheader, two YouTubers who love video game secrets, collaborated to put together a recent video that showcases some really well hidden and hard to find Easter eggs.

One of my favourite discoveries they showcased in the video is a hidden weapon found in Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway. The secret gun is actually not a gun, but a cat that shoots laser or plasma orbs. Finding this Easter egg is not easy and involves shooting precise spots of a level in a certain order. None of these spots are marked and there is no indication that you are hitting them correctly.

How anyone found this is beyond me. It makes me want to load up some old games and shoot everything around me in different patterns. Who knows, maybe buried in some old shooter from the early 2000s is a hidden dog that shoots fire?


    Oddheader’s stuff is always good.
    I saw this last week I think, the cat lasers gun - I laughed out loud.

    And here I was content to just use cats as machine guns. How incredibly primitive of me.

      I thought the proper use of a cat was as a silencer (ie Postal 2)

    Dogs. Or Killer Bees. Or Dogs that when they bark, they fire Killer Bees?

      that was in Torchlight using one of the sample mods :p

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