You Can Kill Evil Ronald McDonald In This Tabletop RPG

Wendy’s, the American fast food chain best known for its burgers and lavish helpings of Twitter sass, is branching out into the tabletop RPG market. Announced in a tweet last night, the 100-page handbook for Feast of Legends is currently available to download for free.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a marketing ploy if it didn’t take aim at a commercial rival chain. This time it’s an evil frozen beef jester, who totally isn’t a legally-acceptable stand-in for Ronald McDonald, which Wendy has in its sights: the company's whole schtick is 'fresh' food, relatively speaking, as opposed to McDonalds' reliance on frozen product.

Fans of D&D 5e will find much of the experience familiar, but the biggest difference I can see is that players ally their characters with ‘Orders of Adventure’ inspired by items on the Wendy’s menu.

The Order of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, for example, offers some fiery benefits based around fire damage, while the Order of the Baked Potato, which gives off some pretty healthy buffs to strength at the cost of some of your finer motor skills.

So if you ever wanted an excuse to do away with a grinning clown that fetishes ice-cold meat, now’s your chance.

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