You Can Play Virtua Tennis On The Dreamcast Using A Fishing Rod Controller

You Can Play Virtua Tennis On The Dreamcast Using A Fishing Rod Controller
Gif: Stop Skeletons From Fighting, <a href="">YouTube</a>

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to play a tennis video game using a fishing rod controller? Probably not. But it turns out this is possible on a Dreamcast. You can even play fighting games with the same fishing rod accessory and use a mouse to play Mr. Driller. The Dreamcast was a weird console.

The wonderful YouTube channel, Stop Skeletons From Fighting, recently uploaded a video showcasing a few of the weird peripherals that Sega made for the Dreamcast.

For example, did you know that Mr. Driller can basically be played with anything you plug into a Dreamcast? It’s true. You can play Mr. Driller with a keyboard, a fishing rod, a lightgun, and even a microphone. Why? I have no idea.

Even more interesting is that you can play Soul Calibur with the fishing rod controller. The fishing rod can actually sense motion, like moving it up and down or left and right. So you can plug it in and play Soul Calibur by swinging the fishing rod in different directions.

That same is true of Virtua Tennis. This makes it one of the earliest motion controllers ever made. And weirdly, this wasn’t a third-party accessory. It was officially made by Sega. (Though the one in the video is a third party fishing rod.)

The Dreamcast really was a special console, wasn’t it?

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