26 Years Later, Here's Another Deleted Scene From The Super Mario Bros. Movie

It didn’t make the cut back in 1993, but if for some reason you felt like seeing even more footage from the disastrous Super Mario Bros. live action movie, here’s your chance.

The team at SMBmovie.com, who have spent years cataloguing and uploading everything you’d ever want to know—and a lot of stuff you wouldn’t—about the film have uploaded another lost scene, one that answers a question some fans have been wondering since the movie’s release.

When the brothers push Koopa into the machine in the Devo chamber, the one that’s able to de-evolve creatures, they’re able to do so when he slips in a puddle of green slime. But...nobody had any idea where that slime came from, since it’s never shown in the movie.

That’s because the scene where the slime is made was cut, and involves a hapless Devo Technician being de-evolved so far he’s turned into primordial slime. So when Dennis Hopper slips, it’s not a puddle of random slime, it’s a puddle of man.

Here’s the scene. Note it’s a little rough, since the VFX work was never finished on it:


    Yeap, saw the extended version of the film at Pax Aus, going back and watching the original scene, makes no sense why the slime was there. Weird scene to cut.

    Also explains what the hell happens to Koopa at the end since I believe this scene was meant to explain why he goes all slimey at the end.

    I'm wondering if I should rewatch this. I haven't seen it since it came out and I was 7 or 8. I have good memories of it and always wondered why it's so hated. Perhaps it would just spoil it for myself!

      You probably won't hate it but it's still not really worth watching. It doesn't really live up to the hate memes and it's not bad enough to be fun. It's just sort of bad.

    No not watching that deleted scene from the 1993 film Super Mario Bros not going to happen.

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