4 Games To Definitely Play If You’re High

4 Games To Definitely Play If You’re High

I’ve stopped drinking, but I occasionally enjoy the experience of playing a game after smoking weed. While some games become completely nightmarish after a bowl, others are uniquely fun or interesting in new ways when you’re a little bit stoned. Here are a few that I keep coming back to.


This is a gimme. Proteus is a low-stakes, low-pressure exploration game. Nothing can hurt you, there are no points, and you can’t win or lose. It’s just pure vibes. In this game you walk around in a pixelated environment, soaking up the sun and chilling to some tunes. If you look hard enough, you can even change the biome for a change of pace. My advice is to get in the mood as much as possible. Turn off the lights, put on some headphones, take a bong rip and transport yourself to another world.


This sounds like a weird choice because it can be a pretty twitchy game, which is not exactly the easiest thing to handle when your reaction speeds are slower. But Control is also a game where almost every environment or encounter is meant to elicit a sense of wonder. Not everything you discover in the Federal Bureau of Control is explained, but the sense of mystery in its experiments, notes, and audio recordings lends itself well to the kind of speculation a wandering mind is prone to. TL;DR, it’s a weird game, fitting for when you’re getting a little bit weird.


Mini Metro

Puzzle games are a sure bet for me when I’ve smoked a little. I’m just better at them. I see patterns easier, consider my actions more, and am more able to concentrate. The streamlined nature of Mini Metro’s design makes those enhanced senses all the more useful. The whole screen is just colours and shapes, and while things change quickly in your subway system as more commuters use it, you can pause the game to really think about the long term impact of any change you make. If you’re anything like me, though, skip Mini Motorways lest you get sucked into a thought spiral about how much you hate cars.

Untitled Goose Game

When I’m stoned I don’t so much play Untitled Goose Game as I just really enjoy being a goose. The goose is adorable. Look at his little waddle. Listen to him to honk. Spread your wings. Glide through rivers and streams. Terrorise the populace by stealing their things. It’s an absolutely luxurious experience to embody a waterfowl and be a nuisance, especially when everything is 10% funnier than normal.


  • Partaking in the Devil’s Lettuce may be legal where the author is from but it is not in Australia. Kotaku AU please reconsider in the future publishing articles such as these on the Australian website.

  • I’d be interested to know whether there are any readers out there who, if high, suddenly say to themselves (or their companions), ‘Gee, I remember that Gita from Kotaku recommended a game to play when high. Let’s do that!’

    • It’s more retrospective to me. It’s been a long time, but I have been stoned before, I’ve also played Proteus before. I can correlate the feelings from both those experiences, and appreciate it would be fun to lose myself on an island of bleeping and blooping plants and animals, which made it a fun read for a few minutes. That was the point of the article, so it was successful.

    • There’s entire groups and communities based on the idea of gaming and drugs so I imagine there would be some folks somewhere.
      (The film genre is still going strong too)

  • smoking weed

    Pathetic. Breathing in any kind of smoke is stupid as f***. Use a damn herbal vaporiser you fool. Though the fact that you used to drink alcohol at all tells me you’re not used to making sensible decisions.

  • Wow this comment section is full of judgement and disproportionate reactions. Grow up.
    I enjoy exactly 2 games when stoned.
    – hatsune miku Project diva
    – call of duty
    However I’m much better at them sober.

  • You don’t get it.
    It’s a illegal substance that should not be endorsed.
    But these yournalists thinks it’s OK its not.

  • Right on, thanks for the recommendations. I gave up drinking too, but I enjoy a vape (and the occassional bong with friends, but once you stop smoking it becomes a bit gross). It is IMO a great alternative to drinking as a way to unwind, and the Australian laws are frankly stupid in treating it’s enjoyment as a crime. Seen plenty of ‘great drinking games’ articles here, so I appreciate the article on gaming under the influence of the more civilised relaxant.

  • Guilty. But not with those games. Thankfully I’m a bit more grown up and those habits are more opportunistic these days.

    So back in the day, I played Hexen for the first time with a mate, over serial cable, and we were both on acid, that was freaking awesome. Same buddy, when the PS1 came out we had a regular greenage sesh every weekend, playing Coolboarders 2 (the tunes), Tony Hawk, Twisted Metal, Micro machines, Gran Turismo, Jonah Lomu (RIP) rugby and Pandemonium. 2.

    In the time after that when eccies and sniffables were the thing I pretty much left gaming for a few years, missed out on some of the newer generation classics, like Max Payne, Deus EX, and HL which I regret, sort of. Nights were about partying hard instead of gaming.

    These days, its a bottle of red listening to the kids play fortnite whilst I get a RL fix to procrastinate at coding. (They dont realise they dont have mic’s)

  • Jesus.
    How about we assume people are mostly capable of making their own choices and respect them.
    I don’t like drinking but I worked in a pub for over ten years. People do the most incredibly stupid shit whilst pissed but i would never have dreamt of telling them they shouldn’t drink.
    How about we just respect others choices to go out and have a good time if they want to, even if it’s something YOU don’t agree with.
    If it doesn’t impact on you, then what people choose to do in their own time is not really any of your damn business.
    What you do in your life is none of my business either.
    We are (I assume) mostly all adults here.
    How about we just let people make their own life decisions without making moral judgements and telling other people how to live their lives? Crazy, I know.
    If it doesn’t affect you how about just leaving people to their own devices…
    Intervene by all means if someone is suffering. But if not…leave them to their own devices.

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