All The Little Details Hidden In Untitled Goose Game

All The Little Details Hidden In Untitled Goose Game
Gif: Boundary Break, <a href="">YouTube</a>

Untitled Goose Game has quickly become one of the most popular games of 2019. It turns out people love honking and annoying villagers. Makes sense. But the camera in the game is limited and this makes it hard to see what’s inside some buildings or other out of bound secrets.

Lucky for us, the YouTube channel Boundary Break with a magic camera and can show us everything hidden in Untitled Goose Game. We have featured Boundary Break on Kotaku many, many times before and for good reason. The creator of the channel, Shesez, is great at using no clip cameras to move around games, finding hidden bits of content or things players were never meant to see.

He brings this same magic camera to Untitled Goose Game and finds a few interesting things lurking outside the playable area. For example, hidden in one garage players can find a refrigerator that has a fully modelled and textured interior, which is odd because players never actually see the inside of this fridge.

Another interesting discovery is actually found inside the goose. When players hit the button that causes the goose to flap its wings, you may wonder where they go afterward. Well, they actually shrink down and slip back inside the goose. And when you hit the button to flap, the wings quickly grow back to full-size and appear outside the goose.

ImageYouTube)” loading=”lazy” > Tiny wings inside the goose. (Screenshot: Boundary Break, YouTube)

I don’t know much about geese, but I don’t think that’s biologically accurate.

The whole video is short because the game itself isn’t very long, but if you loved Untitled Goose Game and always wanted to see more of the village, this video is for you.