Anime Eyes Still Look Horrible On Real People

Anime eyes might look ok in, well, anime, but on real-life humans, they look freaky as hell.

Previously, we saw giant anime eyes brought to life with Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel. 

This time around, big eyes are back, but as a pointed play on anime conventions like schoolyard renai (love)—and more importantly, a way to underscore the big-sized energy jelly that Suntory is selling.

Yes, the CGI in Alita: Battle Angel is better, but no less creepy. (In fact, it seems as though they are leaning into the unsettling aspect here.) And yes, this is an ad, but it’s an interesting look at giant anime eyes brought to life.


    Why didn't they even cross off the "room for another eyeball between the two eyeballs" rule so willfully? It's been long established that you don't render people that way lest they look thoroughly poorly drawn.

    Am I the only one getting Team America vibes. They look like marionettes

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