Baby Yoda Has Opened A Pandora's Box

Awwww, yes, he’s so adorable with his little robe and big black eyes, but have you ever considered the precedent that’s been set with the introduction of Baby Yoda? Now every artist from here to Coruscant is going to be doing mockups of other Star Wars species as infants, and it’s going to go for years.

Here, for example, is Baby Jabba, from artist Saby Menyhei. What’s next? Baby Mouse Droid? Baby Bail Organa? Baby Wedge Antilles? Whether you want them or not, they are coming. Somewhere, in the depths of Deviantart, they are coming.

And so my humble request: Baby Bossk. Just so he can have a TV show called Bossk Baby.

You can see more of Menyhei’s stuff at his ArtStation page.


    That artwork of Ahsoka vs Vader. Beautiful. 10/10

      That was one of my favourite scenes in Rebels. I feel they really nailed the landing of the years of buildup that went into it. It’s going to be weird watching the new season of Clone Wars, and having them meeting again after Ahsoka left the Order and before Order 66.

      And the callback to Vader landing on Malachor a few pictures above. Just sets the vibe perfectly for that particular piece.

    I love 40k Vader just standing on top of his TIE fighter with his lightsaber out.

    What a weird whinge.

    There's been infant stuff for ages such as Darth Vader and Son and Darth Vader's LittlenPrincess.

    Good grief, I'm hoping this is sarcasm, otherwise... that stick must be uncomfortable.

    People have been creating "baby" fan art since fan art became a thing. This is not the first time I've seen an infant Yoda or a baby Jabba. And yes, I've also seen "baby" CP30 even, because people have gone there.

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