Behold, Low-Budget Death Stranding Cosplay

Behold, Low-Budget Death Stranding Cosplay
Screenshot: <a href="">Twitch</a>

Earlier this month, Kotaku’s Tim Rogers brought Death Stranding to life in a realistic, yet inexpensive way. He is not alone. Others have also been doing their own Death Stranding cosplays on the cheap.

Below is a GIF of Tim’s Death Stranding budget-priced cosplay in action.

Kotaku" loading="lazy" > Gif: tim rogers, Kotaku

In case you missed it, you can watch his video review right here. Have a look at other inexpensive (and creative) Death Stranding cosplays.

Twitch" loading="lazy" > Gif: Twitch


  • hahaha bravo, fantastic work. I can’t wait for someone to turn up to a convention with a 20ft tall stack of cardboard boxes on their back.

  • I did not realise there were pet carriers like that. Kind of funny that more than one person had the same idea. (and brand of carrier by the looks of it)

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