Get Ready For A Diablo 4 Reveal

diablo 4 pc ps4 xbox one revealImage: Diablo 3 Concept Art

The official Blizzcon opening keynote is about to kick off in an hour, and as you'd expect, there's always more leaks.

A Diablo fan has got their hands on an early copy of an official Diablo art book ahead of its official release, and as expected it's chockers full of concept art and designs showcasing the future of Diablo.

A full image gallery can be viewed here, but two main things to call out: Lillith is firmed up as the main protagonist for Diablo 4. More importantly, the direction is a return to Diablo's "dark, Gothic, medieval roots", according to Diablo 4's art director.

Image: Imgur (Proudrunner)
Image: Imgur (Proudrunner)

Signs outside of the Anaheim Convention Centre and inside the show both reiterated the opening keynote would have content that wasn't suitable for younger audiences. Given that Diablo is the most mature of all of Blizzard's franchises, it's the strongest possible indication that Blizzard intends to leave people on a Tristram-fuelled high. We'll know more in an hour how the game is panning out, so stay a while and listen.


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