Blizzard Finally Reveals Diablo 4

Blizzard Finally Reveals Diablo 4
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

After years of redevelopment and multiple iterations on the future of one of Blizzard’s tentpole franchises, Blizzard finally unveiled Diablo 4 at their annual convention, Blizzcon.

Diablo 4 has been anticipated for a full year, after Blizzard opted to close last year’s keynote with Diablo Immortal. The company immediately set about laying the groundwork for Diablo 4 through various hints and coded replies in interviews, and in the last fortnight the leaks gave the strongest possible indication that Diablo was afoot. Signs in and outside the Anaheim Convention Centre also noted that the keynote would have mature content not advisable for younger viewers, the first time in recent years such an advisory has been posted.

Let The Diablo 4 And Overwatch 2 Leaks Rain

Given the absence of Diablo 4 at the show last year, and the shadow of how fans will respond this year, not to mention all the recent controversy, anticipation is high for Blizzcon 2019. So naturally, word about Diablo 4 and an Overwatch sequel is starting to do the rounds.

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Lilith was officially confirmed as the antagonist for Diablo 4, having appeared earlier in the series as a boss in Diablo 2. It wasn’t the only callback to classic Diablo, with the game’s aesthetic and artstyle going back to the game’s gothic roots, as indicated by comments from Diablo 4 art director John Mueller in an official art book.

The game was officially shown off with a Blizzard-style intro cinematic, with a small party of raiders running away from a horde of undead. The cinematic briefly cut out mid-stream, however, showing an overlay while the sound continued to play. But the action reverted back after about half a minute.

Once normal service resumed, the characters were then met with the sound of a deep voice, with the party members possessed and reanimated. A pentagram of blood slowly appeared, with a cultist eventually convincing the last remaining raider to sacrifice himself to summon the creator of Sanctuary, Lillith.

The game’s director reconfirmed that the game is “dark” and filled with horror elements. “We are going back to the franchise’s darker roots,” Luis Barriga said. “It will mean victories are neither clean nor guaranteed.”

The game is being developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will maintain the game’s classic isometric viewpoint. The druid, sorceress and barbarian are the first three playable classes.

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  • Ahhh that’s much better. Initial outlook good. That’s how it should have happened last year. Man they ballsed that up

      • They were completely optional, if you were ok with how garbage the initial drop rate was for high tier appropriate drops.

        Probably less garbage if you had no other responsibilities at that time.

      • I can agree to a point but everyone has their line where the hospital gift shop goes from a place to buy snacks, flowers and cards to something unconformable. I roll my eyes at people who can’t play Mario because on the unlikely chance that they die ten times in a row the game will offer them an optional invincible suit, yet if it was triggered by even the smallest real world money transaction I’d be really put off ever playing the games again.

      • They purposely made the loot far less satisfying than in previous games for the sole purpose of making money from the shop.

        It wasn’t optional because I had to play the game with the complete inability to ever collect a full set with semi decent item rolls without playing thousands of hours or spending hundreds of dollars.

          • You are absolutely correct, I was referring specifically to release as thats when the game had micro transactions.

            The loot rebalance they did when Reaper of Souls came out is what made it so obvious that the base game had been purposely changed to try and get people to spend more money.

          • Well the fact that it was changed so drastically gives me some hope for it. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking they learned their lesson with the negative feedback around the AH. So I can’t see them re-implementing that.

            On a related note, I didn’t like it, but I did think it was an interesting way to monetize the game. I mean there were literally no MTX where you directly paid Blizzard for an item. It was all through the AH where you were buying from another real person. So someone had to do the work and/or get lucky in order to sell that awesome weapon.

            It’s just unfortunate that such a scheme encourages farmers/exploiters/scammers. I think if they’d capped the sell prices to reasonable levels it might have actually been a workable idea. But having a scenario where people could pay $250 in-game for a virtual item, and even more through a 3rd party site… *ugh*

        • Not even close, I played it on release and used the marketplace a total of ONCE during two play-throughs with the same character.

    • That’s unlikely since they learned from the release and dropped the AH. I can’t see them bringing it back.

      More likely we’ll see character classes as purchasable addons at a later date. Either as small addons or in the form of a larger xpac. You know, like they’ve done three times already with D1, 2 and 3…

  • Any word on when we can expect the mobile version of Diablo? I mostly game on my phone and it’s been a long time since they announced it

  • *Years of redevelopment*
    Shows game that looks like Diablo 3 with better graphics. And I’ll wager that’s pretty much what we will get. I reckon half the development time is spent on the cinematics.
    I know l get flak for this but Diablo 3 was the laziest pile of low effort shite, that somehow people praise to high heaven.

    I’ll give you an example – a “wizard” can equip a 2 handed claymore greatsword. But the attack animation doesn’t change – the character doesn’t swing the sword or use it at all, it’s basically a stat stick. There is no difference if you equip a wand, staff, sword, shield etc. basically in a game about looting gear, your gear doesn’t matter, only the numbers, and they act like it takes “years of development” it is laughable for an “RPG” /end rant

    • I’d agree with you except for one thing, it’s always been that way. D1 and 2 were exactly the same. Get a huge axe on your caster and it’s no different to a wand, and that’s how it’s always been. It’s an action RPG or RPG lite if you prefer. It’s not meant to be super in depth.

    • These are all good, valid points. I’m a huge fan of Diablo, but I’ve always thought that they should have implemented a better skill system regarding weaponry and now it’s in 3d, a better set of animations portraying this. As your skill level goes up, your animations should reflect this. It’d be subtle in most cases, but very effective.

  • this looks better than expected (referring to the gameplay trailer).

    it sounds like blizzard actually listened to their fans this time… instead of making a game for an imaginary audience.

    god I hope they don’t add cosmetic mtx.

    • The cinematic looks amazing as usual, but I’m torn on the gameplay trailer. Some of it looks spectacular (I loved the huge boss that’s like 3/4 of the screen) but some of it just looked mediocre. That said, it’s (I assume) still months away from completion so the game’s look could change before release anyway.

      For the record, I had no problems with the visuals in D3. I don’t think the game needs to be all dark all the time. I liked the variety of environments and being able to actually see what I was doing. If they do go for a really dark environment I hope they add back light radius on items.

      • gotta remember that this version of D4 has only been development for just over a year. its why its not comming out any time soon and why the gameplay demo looked off at points.

        • Indeed, and I said as much in my comment. It’s just an observation that it’s not “all fantastic”. I am hoping that some changes are made before release because there were certain aspects that just looked “plasticky”. Maybe their shader models needed tweaking, or the lighting needed to change or something else, but it looked… wrong.

          I’d assume it’s been in development for quite a bit longer than 12 months, since Blizzard stated that they were already working on D4 in the wake of last years Blizcon. Although, to be fair that may have been misdirection to douse the Diablo Immortal flames.

  • I’m reserving judgement til I see how itemisation and skills are configured. It looks nice but if its as shall as d3 then its a failure.

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