Epic Accidentally Tells Fortnite Players They're Cheating Just For Watching Games

Earlier this week, Epic had a little problem with its a spectator mode in Fortnite, accidentally issuing formal warnings to some players who were just hangin’ out on a server watching other people play.

Turns out the ‘spectate game in progress’ mode was at fault, with the game mistakenly believing that players simply watching a game were instead involved in ‘teaming’, the practice of players working together actually in a game.

As this Reddit thread points out, some of those falsely warned are now getting an apology from Epic—who have addressed and fixed the error—in the form of 1000 V-Bucks. For reference, resident Fortnite expert Riley MacLeod tells me that’s enough to buy the season 2 battle pass with 50 V-Bucks left in change, so it could have been worse.


    1000 V-Bucks seems more than fair, but it's amazing how stingy some companies can be in giving players virtual bits as compensation for the company's own stuff ups.

    One game I play is constantly dropping free bits for server downtime, amongst other things, mostly when I wasn't even logged in or effected by the problem. It's an easy way to win customer loyalty and costs the company virtually nothing.

    On the other hand, I sadly have far more experience spending three hours in pointless exchanges with the customer misdirection department without even an apology at the end, let alone compensation for downtime or a small loot chest for my trouble.

    I once used a removalist company who left a cheap bottle of champagne wrapped in a bow as a "welcome to your new house gesture". Man were their online reviews positive. It doesn't take much.

      I've had Niantic/Pokemon Go support literally try to gaslight me and tell me that I wasn't having the issue I was having after they had already admitted it earlier in the conversation.
      Truly the worst customer support I have ever encountered.

      So this seems almost epically nice in comparison.

    HAH, oops, well I suppose at least it is better than if they gave them 50 V-bucks less than what a pass is worth.

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