Google Panics, Adds 10 More Games To Stadia’s Launch Lineup

Google Panics, Adds 10 More Games To Stadia’s Launch Lineup

Perhaps spooked by the fact the only people who seem to care about the impending launch of their Stadia home streaming platform are those noting everything wrong with it, Google has at the 11th hour — this thing is released in two days, on November 19! — almost doubled the number of games that’ll be available when it goes live.

Originally intending to launch with 12 games, Google will now be releasing 22, with the extra ten—including titles such as NBA 2K20, Final Fantasy XV and Rage 2—having been bumped up from the list of titles that were originally expected to come to Stadia “later in 2019″. The service still isn’t scheduled to come to Australia, either.

22 games is better than 12!


    • There is a huge amount of people who are just that, ‘naive enough’.

      Really Google just needs to introduce a policy/feature for offline and end of service solution so people can keep the games they buy.

      This would also mean adding in a option to play the games locally on your own PC.

      It’s important to remember that services like steam etc are already looking into doing just that, so Stadia could be in for some real SHOCK competition in the future. Google might pull the plug in 2 years and give everyone who paid for it the middle finger, their good at that!

  • Well, I for one am happy that Farming Simulator 2019 is on the list.

    But in all seriousness, while I admire their fastidious in covering a broad range of genres, there’s not a huge amount of overlap there. Surely if your interest is only in one or two of those games it might be a better deal to just… buy those games?

  • I know this will suck on launch, but I do hope they get the tech functioning and financially accessible. Would love to play Odyssey on my phone or tablet. Hope for the best, plan for the worst…

    • I think the same – the potential of the tech is more exciting than Stadia itself, I don’t trust Google to support this for particularly long once people start having issues with it. I think xCloud will find a better audience, but I think streaming is a long way off either way.

      I’m more interested in in-home streaming being improved with the console generations, so far neither of them hold a candle to Valve’s efforts with Steam Link.

  • 22 games is better than 12! Has it made you any more tempted to get a Stadia at launch?


    It’s early days and I’d rather wait until any issues with the service are ironed out. That and much more games.

  • I feel like one of those spectators on the beach, just chilling out, watching the Wright brothers setting up to fail again.

    One day they’ll succeed, maybe.
    I doubt this will be it… But they gotta keep trying, I guess.

  • I feel for the people silly enough to sign up for this that are going to lose the games they paid for once Google abandons it.

    • Man, remember all the panic from politicians when google glass was a thing? Urgently writing up legislation about them in the USA.

  • Adding extra games still does not change the fact the service is still subpar and not in any way like the service they indicated when they first announced stadia.

    This is going to crash and burn.

  • Game Pass Ultimate with your choice of local device or streaming and a rotating selection of games included, or Stadia with only remote and have to buy every game.

    Not a hard choice to make.

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