How To Kill Jedi: Fallen Order’s Oggdo Bogdo More Easily

How To Kill Jedi: Fallen Order’s Oggdo Bogdo More Easily
Screenshot: EA, Jedi: Fallen Order

The key to beating one of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s earliest optional boss fights is to start it off with a jump attack. If that attack connects successfully, you’re golden. If not, you’re in for a world of pain.

Oggdo Bogdo is a giant black alien toad on the first planet you go to in Fallen Order, so named because one of Respawn’s designers liked the sound of those two words rhyming. As you loop back to your ship to leave, you can find him hidden in a cavern below the surface toward the end of the map, although it’s also possible to skip him. If, however, you accidentally fall into Oggdo Bogdo’s nest (as I did) and decide he must be slayed, trying to beat him can become all consuming. Oggdo Bogdo has a lot of health, but you find him early in the game when you don’t, and also parrying his attacks isn’t always the easiest. So I died—a bunch—and I’m not alone.

Fortunately, you can actually take down a huge chunk of the beast’s health simply by landing a jump attack with your lightsaber. When an enemy is positioned under you in Fallen Order, a button prompt will appear for you to perform a jump attack. This does a bunch of extra damage, and in Oggdo Bogdo’s case, it gives you a huge advantage. It’s easy to miss the opportunity, though, because if you don’t make sure you have things lined up right, you’ll simply drop into the cave and have to face him at full power.


To get yourself in position, you need to skip the first hole above his cave, head to the second two (which are really close together), and peer down into his lair until you see him below you. Then hop down, wait for the bottom prompt to appear and slash his health bar almost in half.

From there you can finish him off by parrying and countering with three strikes before rolling away and going after his tongue. Occasionally Oggdo Bogdo will try to wrap his tongue around you, and when he does, you can use your force ability to slow down time and attack his tongue, doing more damage than a regular attack against his body. It’s still easy to die in this fight, since Cal can only survive for a few hits and only carries two stempacks at that point in the game.

That challenge is also what makes beating Oggdo Bogdo so satisfying, though. If Oggdo Bogdo couldn’t stand up to your lightsaber, what chance does the Empire have?


  • It took maybe half an hour of getting two-shot by him, but I beat him in the end, after finding him by following the path on the right after the first checkpoint instead of heading left toward the Vault, and facing him head on. I just took it as a sign that the game was actually going the route of Dark Souls or Bloodborne, and persevered. Then I resumed my journey to the Vault, and found the healing item in the very next area… *facepalm*

  • He suffers the same fate as many other video game nasties, in that he won’t leave his designated area. This makes it fairly easy to beat him.

    * Wait in the doorway until he turns around
    * Run in and get a few hits in
    * Retreat to the doorway
    * Repeat

    • Boring. Like Dark Souls you just have to pay attention to his attack pattern, dodge accordingly, parry his standard bite attack and don’t get greedy with your hits (1 or 2 max then back off). If you’re playing on Jedi Master or Grand Master difficulty and parrying proves too difficult then use your slow force powers when he does his unblockable attacks (when he turns red) and attack his sides for 2 or 3 hits then back off.

  • Drop bear attacks are high damage in most cases. I persevered with him on Jedi Master without this and took about 3 or 4 attempts to get the parry timing correct. Mastering parry is the key to winning most fights I’m finding.

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