Huh, They Even Redesigned Sonic’s Sneakers

Huh, They Even Redesigned Sonic’s Sneakers

Sonic’s well-received cinematic make-over didn’t just make changes to the hedgehog’s eyes, nose and mouth. Even his sneakers, done in collaboration with Puma, got a rework.

In the original, nightmarish trailer, Sonic was wearing a very real pair of Puma Speed 500s (pictured above), and back in May there were plans for Puma and Sega to team up for a special drop tying in with the film around its originally-planned November release date.

Sonic’s emergency redesign has changed all that, though. Especially since the redesign extends all the way to his shoes, with the new trailer highlighting an entirely different pair of sneakers on Sonic’s feet. We get our best look at them in the Japanese poster for the film:



As we can see on that tiny tongue tab, these are still Puma sneakers. But where the first trailer showed a real, wearable pair of shoes, these are…terrible? If the sock is part of them, they look like something I’d have bought for my daughter when she was five. If we lived in the Frozen cinematic universe.

And if the sock isn’t part of it, they look like the kind of comfort shoes a 75 year-old lady would buy from a medical professional.

I hate to be the guy to pick at this from the edges, but it’s clear not everything about this redesign has been an improvement! These shoes suck, caught halfway between looking like Sonic’s classic red booties and whatever marketing mandate Puma has to have him wearing modern athletic apparel.

And where a special release of the Speed 500s might have been cool, Puma’s plans to release these—and yes, those plans exist—is going to be a very tough sell to anyone who is ever seen outside by other human beings.

In the meantime, and perhaps as a remnant of the marketing plan for the film’s original release timeframe, Puma and Sega are releasing these RS X3s later this week, though as more of a general licensing thing (Puma has been doing Sonic shoes for a while now) than anything to do with the movie.



  • They don’t look bad, and certainly people wear similar shoes now. He’s gone from laces to slip ons which are more in line with his original design.
    Hell they look a million times better than those horrible Dragonball tie in shoes a while back.

  • It’s kinda weird. Sonic is in Smash but all of his alternate outfits are just various shades of blue (and one black, presumably as a reference to Shadow), though his shoes are a variety of colours including pink, green and orange. This is because Sega don’t allow Sonic to be any other colour nor do they allow him to wear anything different. They couldn’t give him anything like a sweatband around his head for example.

    With that in mind, it makes you wonder just how the heck that original design which looks nothing like Sonic was ever approved by Sega. They don’t let him wear different outfits or even be anything other than shades of blue in Smash, but they allowed that?

    • Well, there’s a conspiracy theory that the current design is the always plan design, and the “original” design was made purely to drum up attention.
      But, conspiracy theories being what they are, I wouldn’t put too much stock into it.

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