Jedi Fallen Order’s Opening Is The Uncharted Star Wars Game We Never Got

Jedi Fallen Order’s Opening Is The Uncharted Star Wars Game We Never Got
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One of the saddest bits of news this year was the cancellation of Visceral’s Star Wars game, an adventure billed as an open-world Uncharted in the classic LucasArts universe. We’ll never see what that could of been, but at least in the opening, Jedi Fallen Order does its best to bring those Uncharted vibes back.

The game launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One today, with review embargoes due to lift within the hour. I purchased a copy through Origin this morning, having not received a code or signed any NDAs, and went through the initial level where Cal’s asked to take on a slightly dangerous scrap mission.

It’s super reminiscent of Uncharted 2, although the main danger element comes about ten minutes in and not from the opening scene. You’re not dealing with any Force powers at this stage, simply getting a hang of traversing the environment and enjoying the basic textures and world Respawn has created. There’s a lot of Naughty Dog-esque moments: hanging by a hand, climbing, jumping, sliding, and beautiful, giant backdrops.

Put simply: it’s stunning. You can see the first chunk of gameplay for yourself below. (If the video is only displaying the lower level resolution, give it a refresh.)


  • Really, REALLY enjoying this so far! The platforming is solid as hell, the cinematic moments tie into the levels so fluidly and the whole thing feels like such a solid production. The thing that wow’ed me to start, was the fact the day 1 patch was *only* 680mb. Barely anything compared to other games these days that seem to require multiple, multiple gig patches. I haven’t seen any major bugs at all (only 1 point where I was climbing, fell into ‘the void’ and Cal ‘T-Posed’ for some reason as he was falling. It was kinda funny 🙂 ) The thing I really, really love, is that blocking and deflecting lasers is so easy and every time makes you feel like a fluid Jedi badass 🙂

    But overall, loving it so far. Love there’s no microtransactions, that it’s a full, solid game and can’t wait to play more! 😀

  • I’m digging Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order so much. I got it on PC through Steam earlier today and have played for six hours straight.

    I went with keyboard and mouse to begin with but decided to swap to a PS4 controller. Much better, in my opinion.

    The game honestly feels like a crazy, mixed mash-up of The Legend of Zelda, the Uncharted series, with a sprinkle of Dark Souls in a ‘Metroidvania’ style environment, and I bloody love it.

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