Let’s Talk About Sports Video Games

Let’s Talk About Sports Video Games

Yesterday, the American baseball World Series ended with a stunning Game 7 victory by the Washington Nationals over the Houston Astros. It’s the sort of thing you watch sports for, a dramatic finish to a long, beautiful season.

Now comes the difficult task of deleting MLB The Show 19 from my hard drive, and considering putting some energy into Madden 20 while there’s still a decent chunk of time left in the season. Or maybe I’ll brave the microtransaction-ridden hellscape of NBA 2K20, a once-great product sullied by folks who couldn’t help but mess with a good thing.

What sports games are you playing? You roughing it out in WWE 2K20? Liking this year’s NHL? Mourning the fact that NBA Live is, once again, dead? Let us know in the comments.


  • Sports games havent been good for generations.
    Removal of game types.
    The never ending aim at more sports simulation rather than it being fun.
    Havent enjoyed any since the Xbox/PS2/GC era.
    Still f*cking love me some NHL Breakaway 98.

  • Currently playing PES 2020. Loving it for the most part, especially after the recent patch that improved the way players will go after loose balls.

    I only play Master League, and the first 2 seasons were a bit of a frustrating slog while I developed / replaced the default batch of spuds that it gives you to start with. But once I built the team into something competitive, it became a lot of fun. Just won the Championship and got promoted to the Premier League, so I suspect I may be in for another frustrating season or two while I rebuild my team into something that can match it with the teams at that level.

  • Playing on pc, i gave fifa 18 a fairly good run earlier this year (also got it on switch)

    Only real sports game i play at the moment is Super Mega Baseball 2

    I was keen on trying Madden NFL but im not sure if i would understand the rules, same thing with NBA, think i tried it once but got overwhelmed with all the moves.

    Back in the day NHL 2009 was my jam on the ps2, unfortunately it isnt out on PC

    I might see if i can snag an older madden on sale and give it a go as i have been watching alot of the NFL training camp videos on youtube.

  • I have been a long time Fifa player but this year I bought PES2020… Unfortunately I also bought Fifa20 and can not pull myself off it even though it manages to completely infuriates me every time I play. God help me.

  • Perhaps not technically a sports game, but still loving Rocket League! It’s actually hard to play FIFA after playing RL, despite being an extremely unintuitive statement, Rocket League is much closer to actually playing soccer than FIFA. RL is physics based, and it’s comparable to controlling a player’s foot in a real game. There’s no ‘shoot’ button, you shoot by hitting the ball hard in the direction of the net, just as you kick a ball in real life. You also don’t have any AI getting into position to receive a pass in RL, just like in real soccer. RL is still the best.

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