Major Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update Isn’t Enough To Fix The Game

Major Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update Isn’t Enough To Fix The Game
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Today, Ghost Recon Breakpoint got its biggest update since launch. Besides the two new faction missions, there are a host of tweaks, some big, some small, touching on almost every aspect of the game. They might not turn Breakpoint into a game you need to play, but they are slowly turning it into the sort of Ghost Recon experience players have come to expect coming off two and a half years of Wildlands.

During Ubisoft’s quarterly earnings call last month, CEO Yves Guillemot said that Breakpoint’s launch had been disappointing and that its changes to the Ghost Recon formula had been “strongly rejected” by many players. As Kotaku’s Heather Alexandra pointed out in her review, many of the elements that made other Ghost Recon games unique among shooters were replaced with the more generic elements of the Ubisoft open-world live-service game. Today’s update sands off more of the rough edges, even if it does not yet point toward any larger redemptive arc.

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The most notable improvements are to the stamina system. Base stamina has been increased by 66 per cent, stamina regeneration speed has been increased 75 per cent, and the amount of stamina you lose from sliding was reduced by half.

The stamina system was one of Breakpoint’s new features meant to emphasise the survival element of being (mostly) alone out in the wilderness on a giant island. Things like wounds, traversing tough terrain, and running all deplete characters’ stamina. While stamina does recover over time, a character’s maximum stamina slowly falls until they do things like consume rations or drink from their canteen. The new changes mean players can spend more of their time in Breakpoint being tactical and shooting stuff, and less of it pretending to be Bear Grylls.

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Today’s update also made it possible to finally shift the camera to your character’s opposite shoulder while aiming behind cover, a feature common even to a lot of non-tactical shooters at this point. And for anyone who’s stuck with Breakpoint since its bumpy launch and needs more quests, two new faction missions called “Ease the Pain” and “A Deadly Trap” have been added, both of which revolve around containing the spread of a new virus on the island.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is due for another large update later this month, but it’s not clear if that one will go much further in overhauling the game or settle for smaller fixes until Ubisoft decides on a new direction for what it wants Breakpoint to become.


  • Wildlands had a pretty rough release too but it managed to bounce back and gain a large active community that was still going strong when this game dropped but I somehow get the feeling that Breakpoint might not do as well over time.

    The thing that gets me is for the most part, the community loved Wildlands and the changes it went through so it really seemed like a slam dunk to just take what was already working and spruce it up.
    Instead it feels like they listened to the wrong people like the bean counters and members of the media who unfairly judged its predecessor.

    I’m gonna keep an eye on the game but as it stands I’m only going to pick up a copy from the bargain bin.
    (Which might be sooner than later at this rate)

    • Wildlands was not fundamentally broken gameplay wise on launch. It was not designed as a platform to sell microtransactions.

      Wildlands actually had underlying gameplay that was enjoyable

      Breakpoint does not have this.

  • Fun fact, some of us got a survey from Ubisoft to complete, which requests information about which elements of the game we like/dislike/want to see added, and our own priority around those, plus a whole bunch else. Lotta room for free text in that; they’re going deep.

    Surveys apparently stop being collected November 22nd, at which point if I know stats and survey guys, they’ll probably take a couple weeks to crunch the numbers and report on it upstairs for management to set priorities based on the results.

    Soooo… probably no actions out of that until the new year.

  • The underlying gameplay systems are fundamentally broken.

    This game will never be fixed because ubisoft wont ever remove these systems such as the gearing system or the microtransactions.

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