Man Spends $2 Million On Game Character, Which His Friend Accidentally Sold For Only $813

Man Spends $2 Million On Game Character, Which His Friend Accidentally Sold For Only $813
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Whoops! According to South China Morning Post, a man in China spent an eye-watering $2.06 million on his character in MMORPG Justice Online. His buddy accidentally sold said character for a mere $813. The man has filed a lawsuit against game company NetEase and his friend. Well, former friend, I guess.

The friend, er defendant, had been loaned the character and reportedly tried to sell it back to the man for 388,000 yuan ($81,230). Instead, it was listed for 3,888 yuan ($813) on NetEase’s in-game marketplace and was soon purchased by another unrelated player. During the court mediation that followed, the defendant claimed the shockingly low price was due to a typo induced by exhaustion after a marathon gaming session.

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South China Morning Post reports that the sued was settled by a judge who mediated the proceeding online. Authorities in China are now pointing to this mediation as a way judges can oversee legal disputes remotely.

In the settlement, NetEase cancelled the transaction, and the plaintiff was ordered to pay 90,000 yuan ($18,841) in damages to the player who bought the $2 million character on the cheap.


      • I mean its more free will in its fullest form.

        Is it unethical? Sure.
        Is it illegal? No.

        Any law/ Legislation would infringe on someones right to waste their money. Enacting such laws limiting a mentally capable adult spending money legally is something an Authoritarian government like china would do.

        • There is a point where it makes sense.
          Some things need regulation.

          Tim Tams? Not so much. But firearms? Sure.
          I truly believe that MTX in games aimed at kids deserve some form of regulation.

          • Aimed at kids? Sure

            But a mentally capable adult no. People should be free to spend their money legally however they want provided they are of sound mind.

            I think people should be free to make stupid decisions.

          • Because a guy spending 1.4 mil on a game is essentially no different to someone buying a car for 1.4 million. Or anything else that costs a lot.

          • While I agree with the principle you’re talking about I do question how a game can possibly allow that kind of spending. What does it have that he could rack up so much? Was it literally in game purchases (ie: microtransactions) or did he buy the character himself from someone who’d leveled/geared it?

            And while we’re at it, are the transactions cosmetic or do they actually make it more powerful? I don’t support non-cosmetic transactions (Pay-to-win).

          • The Eastern MMO market is a lot different from ours. They love microtransactions over there. They will happily spend thousands of dollars on microtransactions. Its a vastly different gaming culture there.

            Games in that market heavily implement Microtransactions.

          • The Microtransactions are 10x worse in the eastern market. But that’s us, Westerners, looking at it. It’s culturally acceptable over there.

          • Does it really matter what he purchased though? This is a full grown mentally competent adult. They obviously found value in whatever it was that was purchased. Enough to justify the cost. I personally think this guy is the stupidest living being ever created in the history of the universe. But in the end, it’s his money to do with as he pleases. I’m curious as to what exactly $2 million gets you in that game too. But that’s not really important to the discussion.

          • @djbear: I get thousands of dollars on MTX. But 2 mil? I don’t understand how there can be *that many* even available. Take WoW as a base, it’s MTX aren’t really micro when you have $35 mounts. But even at $35 a pop that would take 57,142 transactions. If they’re more micro (like $1-$5) then the number of transactions is pretty mind-boggling.

            Does anyone know how long he’s had the character? Is it really long lived (like Vanilla WoW long) so we could work out just how much is spent per day/week/month/year?

          • @vashta_nerada47: As I said I agree with the principle, he can spend whatever he likes. I think it’s kinda crazy personally but it’s his money. I just want to know what the purchases actually are. Is it like 1000x gold purchases, 50x level boosts, 200x weapons & armour, 500x pets, 200x mounts… etc etc.

          • The difference being if you spend 1.4m on a car you get a 1.4m dollar car. Given NetEase’s history I could easily say most of this guys money was spent on worthless randomised lootbox rewards. Adults are not immune to gambling addiction either.

          • Its still his money to choose how he spends it. You have no right to decide how he spends his money. If spending this much on a game brings him joy what right do you have to criticize his decision?

            Adults are not immune to gambling addiction either.

            No where in the article does it state that he is mentally unwell. AFAIK he is a mentally healthy adult. You also dont know what his net worth is. 1.4 million could be nothing to him for all we know.

          • @djbear you can’t categorically say he is of sound mind and judgement. Given he’s spent this absurd amount of money essentially on MTX gambling, the evidence suggests he might have an addiction to the games hooks.

          • Again. You have no idea of his bank balance. This amount of money might be nothing to him.

            You are making assumptions to reinforce your opinions.

          • I recently bought a house for 1.4 million… In New Zealand…. On the beach. This kid is a wetodd.

        • See this is nonsense. If your spending 2 million dollars on an MMO character, your not expressing Free Will, your enduring an addiction. Its well documented online games in a small minority can induce obsessive behavior, and game makers encourage this by applying psychology from gambling studies to build games that people find themselves mentally locked into. And because capitalism is an inherentally predatory system premised on social classes limiting the degrees of freedom of lower social classes to accumulate capital , this sort of bad behavior is encouraged.

          To claim this is about freedom is dead right. Abusive microtransaction systems should be banned, to protect that freedom.

          • Keep on living in fantasy land.

            I’m sure you’ll take down capitalism one day fella. The Illuminati is quaking in its boots because of your comments on a gaming website!

      • Who’s going to tell @drumrbaxj that China is a communist nation? This has nothing to do with capitalism, and the only thing is shocking is how people do have the freedom to make choices like this there.

        • “Communist”
          Dude, just because you say you’re something doesn’t mean you are.
          If I say I’m a Martian, doesn’t mean I am, my man.

  • in china they have to spend lots of money on Microtransactions otherwise they lose social credit score and eventually their organs

  • Actually one key difference, I don’t think he spent 1.4 million on his character in one go. Its a accumulated amount.

    That’s more like saying someone sold my 1 million dollar stamp collection collected over 4-5 years. It’s not just money, but significant time and emotional investment over a long time as well

  • Would love to be the guy that paid 800 bucks and took a settlement for nearly 20 grand for doing absolutely nothing! This whole case is laughable and absolutely egregious. The Chinese think they’re communists lol

  • How exactly does someone have that kind of cash to spend online in a country that runs the type of political system that it does?

    • The same way some people in western nations have billions of dollars and others from the same country couldn’t scrap together 20c even if you put a gun to their head. There isn’t really any difference between the US and China except that China is a lot more open about the connection between wealth and government.

    • Quite easy. As long as you contribute to the CCP you can get away with anything provided it does not diminish the image of the CCP.

  • Donate that money to charity, or medical research, or something worthwhile.
    Don’t blow it on shit like that.

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