Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up Is Like Christmas In A Can

We are only a few weeks into November, which means it’s time to start celebrating Christmas. For some reason. I’m not a big fan of Xmas and seeing Christmas trees and candy canes popping up in stores already makes me hiss like a cat. Really. And to help celebrate the holidays, Mountain Dew has released Merry Mash-Up, a new flavour of their popular soda.

Well, actually, this flavour was first released last year. But I was writing about soda and energy drinks back then and nobody at Kotaku covered last time around. So I’m reviewing it this year.

Finding Merry Mash-Up was challenging. For some reason stores around here, near Kansas City, either don’t carry ANY Merry Mash-Up bottles or they have 12 packs. And so, even though I don’t drink soda regularly anymore, I now own 12 cans of Merry Mash-Up. (Two days after buying this 12 pack I found a gas station that sold bottles. The universe is cruel, but great at practical jokes.)

The cans that hold this merry flavour are wonderful. Very colourful and festive. If you don’t plan on buying decorations or don’t have any, just grab a few cans of Merry Mash-Up and sit them around the house. Or maybe stick them in your Christmas tree as colourful corporate ornaments.

Contained in these cans is an extremely red liquid, though a bit more pink than Code Red. The brightly coloured cans and vibrant red liquid had me worried. I was prepared to take a sip and be knocked out by intense amounts of sugar and sweetness. So I took my first, cautious, sip and prepared myself.

And yet, I was pleasantly surprised. Merry Mash-Up isn’t overly sweet. Instead, the flavours and sweetness is more subtle, well for a flavour of Mountain Dew at least. Merry Mash-Up is a mix of Cranberry and Pomegranate and it works. You sort of taste one flavour first, then the other flavour lingers in your mouth. It almost reminded me of bubblegum, for some reason.

I wouldn’t mind having another can of this closer to Christmas. Maybe as I was setting up the tree and listening to some annoying holiday songs. And lucky for me I have 11 more cans of this stuff.

I know what I’ll be stuffing stockings with this year.

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