Path Of Exile Adds Conquerors Of The Atlas Expansion, Metamorph League

Path of Exile's endgame is getting a new story, in the form of Conquerors of the Atlas, an expansion dropping on December 13, alongside the new 3.9 game update.

Conquerors of the Atlas is set after the fall of the Elder, the malevolent force that ruled the War for the Atlas expansion. The new story will feature new skills and supports, four new item influence types and a range of deadly new bosses.

For players who've already conquered the final bosses of the game, Conquerors of the Atlas looks to spice things up, as the battle for the fate of the Atlas continues.

Also included in the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion is Metamorph League, where players can create their own monsters with the samples taken from monsters they've defeated. Ultimately, this will lead to the creation of the ultimate boss, taken from pieces of the deadliest map bosses. Metamorph League also introduces new Catalyst items, which can strengthen your equipment and help you take down larger monsters.

Both the Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph League content add-ons will be available when the Path of Exile 3.9 expansion launches on December 13.

Full disclosure: This writer attended ExileCon as a guest of Grinding Gear Games.


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