Path Of Exile Is Coming To Mobiles And Macs

At ExileCon 2019, Chris Wilson, founder and managing director of Grinding Gear Games took the stage to announce some brand new expansions to the world of Path of Exile. In fantastic news for mobile gamers, Path of Exile Mobile was announced, as well as a version for Mac OS.

Path of Exile for mobile went undated, but the developers indicated that the port would have “zero compromises” when it does finally arrive.

The gameplay trailer showed off impressive scenes, including a new skill and inventory system neatly optimised for mobile devices. A great romp through Iceberg and battles with Vaal Frost Guardians were shown, as well as a brand new map and travel system.

But that wasn’t the only thing announced — Path of Exile will also be coming to Mac OS. That’s great news for Mac gamers, who, in the past, have often missed out on large scale RPGs like Path of Exile.

While both of these releases were teased at ExileCon, neither were dated. Path of Exile Mobile is likely to be hotly anticipated, if the live audience reaction is anything to go by. Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage on ExileCon over the weekend!

Full disclosure: This writer attended ExileCon as a guest of Grinding Gear Games.


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