Pokemon: Down Under

Pokemon: Down Under
Image: Vivinkart (Twitter)

We’ve had 151 Australian Pokemon, but what would a Pokemon set in Australia look like?

An Australian artist working on Ailuri, a hand-drawn platformer from AIE’s incubator program, has put together Pokemon Yeah Nah Edition, or what the Pokemon franchise would be like down under with a heavy dose of bogan.

There’s four major cities, which are obviously based on Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin.

There’s a kangaroo for one of the starter Pokemon, and the protagonists look like they’d happily grow up to swinging goon bags on the Hills Hoist.

Here’s my personal favourite. We don’t have Squirtle anymore, but who wants Squirtle when you can evolve Pladdle to Bogano.

Of course the bin chicken is represented:

And a cross between a pony and a rabbit that’s themed after the ANZACS.

A spider Pokemon that’s just called “Git”.

The regional fire Pokemon that’s obviously themed after a crocodile.

And as it turns out, the native Australian quolls make for a much better Pichu/Pikachu type character. That Kuyoru is a banger of a design, too.

Just saying Nintendo: if you wanted to pick the next region for Pokemon, Australia wouldn’t do the franchise any harm. It worked great for Forza Horizon, and who wouldn’t want a quoll or a kangaroo in their starting team?

Psyduck had better bloody be in the game, though.


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