Pokemon: Down Under

pokemon australian editionImage: Vivinkart (Twitter)

We've had 151 Australian Pokemon, but what would a Pokemon set in Australia look like?

An Australian artist working on Ailuri, a hand-drawn platformer from AIE's incubator program, has put together Pokemon Yeah Nah Edition, or what the Pokemon franchise would be like down under with a heavy dose of bogan.

There's four major cities, which are obviously based on Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin.

There's a kangaroo for one of the starter Pokemon, and the protagonists look like they'd happily grow up to swinging goon bags on the Hills Hoist.

Here's my personal favourite. We don't have Squirtle anymore, but who wants Squirtle when you can evolve Pladdle to Bogano.

Of course the bin chicken is represented:

And a cross between a pony and a rabbit that's themed after the ANZACS.

A spider Pokemon that's just called "Git".

The regional fire Pokemon that's obviously themed after a crocodile.

And as it turns out, the native Australian quolls make for a much better Pichu/Pikachu type character. That Kuyoru is a banger of a design, too.

Just saying Nintendo: if you wanted to pick the next region for Pokemon, Australia wouldn't do the franchise any harm. It worked great for Forza Horizon, and who wouldn't want a quoll or a kangaroo in their starting team?

Psyduck had better bloody be in the game, though.


    The thought and effort that went into this is so good.

    That’s great and all but I’m having trouble ignoring the fact that the female character’s name is misspelled. Surely it’s meant to be Sheila.

      Maybe it's because Sheila has all but died out as a name and slang term while Shella is on the way up as a female name.

      Bruce doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

      Also, "Shazza" is slang for Sharon, not Sheila.

        If you want to be nitpicky, "Bazza" is generally slang for "Barry" rather than "Bruce" too. "Bruce" is already kind of a stereotypical Aussie name but if you want to further Aussie-fy it you'd probably make it "Bruce-o".

    There are some rippa name choices here. I absolutely love the bug line Git -> Bugroaf -> Morteam. And I'd probably choose Skipee as my starter just so I can end up with Kangarang on my team. Hell, I might just settle for nicknaming a Kangaskhan Kangarang, I like it so much.
    I'd love to see an Aussie Pokemon game. This isn't the first concept I've seen (nor the second). There's a lot to mine.

    These are actually really quality, they feel legit and not fan made. I love the kangaroo starter and the crocodile.

    Poor Radelaide, we're practically pushed into WA

    The gameplay would be interesting. It'd be more about cracking a tinnie with other Masters and bludging instead of going out and catching all the Pokémon.

    I like the idea but those player character designs leave something to be desired. Did they have to be white, blue-eyed blondes?

    I understand that the majority of the Australian population is white, but the designs are kinda subtly reflecting the erasure/non-existence of non-white identities in Australian/Australia-inspired media. Especially the erasure of Indigenous Australians.

    But Shazza is short for Sharon...

    I was expecting the platypus to end up water/poison. A little disappointed.

    The professor needs to be based on Steve Irwin, this isn't negotiable.

      Not pictured in the article, but the artist has done a Steve Irwin professor or gym leader image. He had all crocodile pokemon, of course.

        That's good to hear.

        He can't be a gym leader though because it would be impossible to beat him, he could catch any Pokemon you summoned and tell you about them.
        Plus it would be awesome to have the character voice all the pokedex entries.

      What about a professor based on Dr Karl Kruszelnicki?

      Last edited 18/11/19 8:27 pm

    Oi c**t! shut up n take mi money!

    seriously though, this is just glorious! made my day

    So just a game were you sit around smoking ice while watching TV. Sounds crap.

    I swear these are some top Tier fakemon

    Better than anything ive seen in fangames, i wonder if they would let a p9kemon fan game team use their designs because they are a lot better than some of gamefreaks newest ones

    They feel like gen 4 pokemon

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