Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Animations Are The Cutest

Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Animations Are The Cutest

The game might not have Psyduck, but now that Sword & Shield is actually out in the wild, fans are having a blast with how cute the game actually is.

Something Sword & Shield has in spades is a bit of extra life. The open-world is roomier and less cramped than the design of Pokemon games past, owing to the fact that the Switch has more memory and storage available.

Sure, that doesn’t get around the general annoyances of the attack animations and the complaints about textures that fans have been levelling for the last two weeks. But, as the Can You Pet The Dog twitter account noted, you can play fetch with the cute corgi dogs in Sword & Shield.

It’s the little animations that add life into a game’s world, the kind of life that was much harder for Game Freak to build into the 3DS versions of Pokemon. People have screencapped their Pokemon getting excited at their trainers having a good meal, Lucarios doing Naruto runs after trainers, cute Pokemon slowly approaching, and just the kind of weird interactions that fans have never seen before.

Pokemon has always had an enormous fanbase with an incredible appetite for imaginations, filling the void of what Pokemon are like on a daily basis in ways that Game Freak could never feasibly insert into a game. With Sword & Shield, the developers are at least finally able to bring Galar to life in a way that gives each individual Pokemon a greater sense of character and physical identity. So far, fans are loving it.


  • Yes, like the overworld Surf animations… oh..
    How about the animation when you use Fly with the taxi service? Hmm
    Ok then, riding the monorail surely has a good animation… >,>

    *screen fades to black*

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